13 July 2011

Corrupt Cop Detective Chief Superintendent Malcolm McLeod

Malcolm McLeod may present himself as an honest policeman, apparently now retired on a good pension, but the way he behaved in my case is thoroughly despicable. McLeod not only lied during his Police interviews following my arrest, but he was quite happy to present false evidence to the Court at my trial. I hope he ducked as he was swearing his oath, to avoid the bolts of lightning!

What false evidence did Malcolm McLeod produce? Well, for start he knew quite well that the so-called "ALARM" missile document was not only an obsolete document 8 years before I was arrested, but he deliberately engineered his Police investigation so that none of the 16 engineers listed on the circulation of that document were interviewed or called as witnesses to my trial. That document was presented as the main evidence against me. So, why do such a thing - unless you know that if these 16 people were called to give testimony then that will demolish your case? You dirty rat McLeod - you are just some trumped up loser - John Symonds told me how Special Branch officers are regarded as police who failed to make successful careers elsewhere.

McLeod also made the claim that I was given money from the KGB - listed elsewhere on my blog. McLeod gave personal testimony (under oath) in Court that he didn't have a clue where that money came from. Yet we had all the bank details that confirmed the dates, and from which banks that money had been withdrawn from. Well, the indications are that the money was issued from MI5 accounts, to implicate me in this sordid stitch-up! Why don't you come clean McLeod and just tell us what you know. The truth and nothing but the truth.

Leaks were made by the Police to the press to damage my defence case, and you know full well that the Sun and the Sunday Times were there ready to print the stories you wanted to get out into the public domain. With the recent evidence we have that News International was full of corruption, I can quite understand that there were bribes there waiting for you from Rupert Murdoch, or one of his cronies!

You also fabricated that false story about my tourist map, which I saved from my holiday in Oporto - you said it was linked to some invented KGB operation. Have you ever heard of any other KGB operation in Oporto? That story bears no relation to the later Mitrokhin Archive report, which I presume you were referring to, which talks about an operation in Lisbon some 200 miles down the coast, about 2 years later? So were you lying, or was Mitrokhin lying? I don't see why it is up to me to decide who is telling the truth there!

It was you, McLeod, who was involved in making that bogus telephone call to my home on the morning of my arrest. So if the name "Viktor" was the key name in your case against me, then why did you not produce the proof that this "Viktor" was in fact "Viktor Oshchenko". You never produced any evidence at my trial who this Viktor was? You heard Stella Rimington tell the Court, under oath, that MI5 had no evidence linking me with Oshchenko, so why did you make the claims you did - without proof! What a corrupt cop you really are! I hope you rot in hell !!!

12 July 2011

Police, Phone Hacking, the Sun & Sunday Times

We are only just getting accustomed to the shocking news of what happened at the News of The World, and the phone hacking scandal. Hopefully Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks will be called to answer questions next week and reveal all that they know! Now we have the escalation of this saga to include the Sun and Sunday Times, as revealed in the story about Gordon Brown. It seems that there was a sort sickness at News International.

This new evidence goes to support the accusations I have made against these newspapers: about the Sun, and the Sunday Times. Just what was the relationship between these newspapers and the Police back in 1992/3? I guess it was the same as it was when the News of The World was offering bribes to the Police for information about stories.

Very soon after my arrest the Special Branch policeman in charge of my case, Detective Chief Superintendent Malcolm McLeod, had made suggestions to my wife that I had been ordered by the KGB to marry her as a cover for spying activities. This was a complete lie designed to give her a false view of me and our marriage, and clearly the Police cared nothing about my wife's feelings but just wanted her to turn against me and give them what evidence they could extract from her.

Then, following my conviction, we have this same story emerging in the Sun newspaper. It could only have come from the Police, who were the people who had invented this story. I blame Malcolm McLeod for passing this story to the Sun and he probably authorised the media to be given access to my wedding photographs, which had been seized as evidence by the Police searching my home and were in the possession of the Police.

The Sunday Times article was also clearly something that was leaked to them by a high level source, and aimed at damaging my Defence case. Its publication would also dissuade any potential witnesses from coming forward and becoming implicated in a major Official Secrets Act espionage trial. Again, I blame Malcolm McLeod for being involved in this corrupt association with News International newspapers.

I would have expected the Police to have acted fairly and left the decision about Justice to the courts. However, the leaking of personal information and false stories about me could only have been done with the deliberate intention of swaying the odds in favour of the Prosecution case. Which is exactly what happened. Not only did the Police act unfairly in what they did, they also acted unfairly in what they did not do.

As we learned today in the case of the phone hacking investigation, a lot was not done by the Police to identify the victims and the culprits in that case. No doubt the Police did not want to discover who was accepting bribes and just how deeply corrupt practices had developed between the Police and the Press. This lack of activity also went on in the investigation of my case - why did the Police not discover that the "ALARM" missile document became obsolete 8 years before my arrest, which allowed the CPS to present it as a document actually used on ALARM missiles deployed in the Gulf War of 1991 - which could not possibly be true!

Gaining convictions by avoiding investigating the key evidence is something the Police must be good at. Again, I blame Malcolm McLeod for this decision not to investigate the "ALARM" document - or at least, as head of the investigation he must have known the truth, but that would not have helped him to win in Court. It is easy for me to now understand how such processes work, and the corruption of the Press and the Police is there to be seen by those who really look for it.

08 July 2011

News International bribe corrupt Police for crime evidence

News of the World may be dead, and in recent days we have become increasingly aware of the public's distaste about the total disregard of the News of The World's staff for individual privacy. News International has shown complete disrespect for the Law and is quite happy to act corruptly and bribe the Police.

The Sun newspaper published one of the photographs from my wedding day, on page 9 of its 19 November 1993 edition. How did the Sun get hold of a private photo, which was not in the public domain, and was in fact my personal copyright?

Sun Newspaper 19 November 1993

We now know that News International journalists would routinely bribe Police officers in order to obtain information about cases being investigated by the Police. It is clear that money must have changed hands at my home shortly after my arrest. Otherwise, how on earth would the Sun get hold of one of my private wedding photos, unless they had paid a corrupt cop to get access to it?

I have a list of all the Police officers who are were recorded as having access to my home in 1992. I expect one of those Police officers was paid a bribe to give the Sun my wedding photo. Perhaps I should publish this here. However, the details are already available elsewhere on the Internet. My friend John Alexander Symonds (the "Romeo Spy") has explained to me just how this culture of corruption is institutionally endemic within the Police organisation.

I could have considered this as a minor issue - perhaps - compared to the unfairness of the trial I had just experienced over the previous 7/8 weeks. However, the publication of this photo was instrumental in causing my wife to divorce me, and so I blame News International, and Rupert Murdoch in particular, for running an organisation that has this culture of ... "anything goes!" But then we must also consider that James Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson also have a lot to answer for.

So, what should I do about the publication of my wedding photo, something which I never agreed to?

However, this was not the only abuse by the press after I was arrested. Many details about my wife and I were leaked and published to try to undermine my Defence before the case got to trial. For example, one of the worst things to happen involved another Rupert Murdoch newspaper - The Sunday Times. Only a month after my arrest all the Police claims against me were published in the Sunday Times on 6th September 1992. This was particularly damaging as many of those allegations were later dropped before my trial, but obviously the accuracy of these reports was not important to either the journalists, the newspapers or the Police!