12 October 2007

David Rose, Oleg Gordievsky & Christopher Andrew

We all know that MI5 and MI6 have their hacks in the media - journalists who are prepared to sell their souls for the chance of a scoop story that is given to them. Possibly all major radio and TV stations, and all newspapers and magazines have these pliable sons of bitches, who will willingly print the words that MI5 and MI6 want them to pass onto the public.

It was quite surprising that David Rose has "come out" and admitted he was one of the stooges in this game. It is a pity that more of these puppets do not do the same as Rose. I am sure there are a lot more of these intelligence service agents who are too scared to raise their heads and talk, and these cowards will prefer to carry on in their underhanded secretive ways. Write and tell me who these hacks are, and I will publish their names here.

So, at least we know three of the names of these hacks - not the three tenors, but the three parrots, singing for all they are worth.

The Three Parrots