20 August 2009

John Alexander Symonds - The Romeo Spy website

After many years, John Alexander Symonds has decided to present the truth about what happened in his life, and particularly the method by which he was convicted based on the evidence of a criminal and dubious tape recorded conversations. Read all about it on the new website of the "Romeo Spy".

Sir John Nutting QC & John Kelsey Fry QC

Sir John Nutting QC still brags about the way he achieved my conviction based on lies and legal tricks. See his discredited admission here about the Michael Smith case.

John Kelsey Fry QC is also boasting about his involvement in my case here. Why is he proud to have been connected with a case that shows he was guilty of the manipulation of evidence, that included the culpability of Dame Stella Rimington, Oleg Gordievsky, and Professor Meirion Francis Lewis in framing me?

Why can British lawyers get away with legal fraud? How is it that they are not behind bars for telling lies in court?

from: Mike Smith
to: Sir John Nutting QC , Mr John Kelsey-Fry QC
cc Sir Derek Spencer QC , "DUDDRIDGE MP, James" , “Colin Nicholls QC”
date: Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 12:24 AM
subject: Thank you for using false evidence at my trial

To: Sir John Nutting QC & John Kelsey Fry QC

It is fortunate for me that you continue to boast about the role that you played in presenting false evidence at my trial:

UK Legal Forum post

I shall now feel quite justified in making you one of the main targets in my campaign to expose the lies that were presented at my trial under your prosecution case. You know what you did, and you do not need me to tell you what a despicable distortion you presented as "evidence" in order to convince a jury that your arguments were valid.

We shall see who was right in the final countdown.

Please reply to this email, because if you do not I shall simply name you and shame you as the liars and cheats I believe you to be.

Yours sincerely,
Michael John Smith