07 May 2010

Electorate denied votes but what about prisoners votes?

So, a number of people on the electoral register were denied the opportunity to vote in yesterday UK elections. Well, tough luck I say.

Talk to those who live in British prisons, and who also wanted to vote in the elections yesterday. They did not even have the chance to register for a vote. When the point is raised about being unable to vote in Britain's national elections, we are talking about ordinary people's human rights. We all have human rights, including those who reside in Britain's prisons.

I thought the issue of a prisoner's right to vote was going to be resolved this year, following the decision by the European Court of human rights. What is the point of talking about democracy in distant lands, when we do not have it at home?

I guess I was right to make my own stand by refusing to register on the electoral register. Why participate in an undemocratic system, with its lack of proportional representation? It is better to remain free and not be contaminated by an unfair system.