16 April 2008

Police, MoD and CPS perverted the course of justice

I am now certain that the evidence at my trial was deliberately manipulated to ensure that I would be found guilty. A serious crime of perverting the course of justice has taken place, and the individuals directly responsible are those who investigated and prepared my prosecution. It is clear that the Police, MoD and CPS have all played a role in suppressing evidence and witnesses that would have spoiled the Prosecution’s case in Court.

I shall be pursuing this matter in every way possible to expose who is responsible for the illegal act of tampering with the evidence. If they are public officials then malfeasance in public office is also a serious crime.

Today I submitted a formal complaint to the Police:

On 8 August 1992 I was arrested and then charged with offences under the Official Secrets Act. At my trial in Sept/Nov 1993 (case ref T921648) I was found guilty and subsequently imprisoned for over 10 years.

A key exhibit that secured my conviction was a document (Exhibit pages 51-59), which was dated 1982 and marked “restricted”. The evidence about this document by a MoD scientist, named Dr Meirion Francis Lewis, was only disclosed during the trial in an “ambush” tactic by the Prosecution. The significant aspects of Dr Lewis’s evidence was that the document was used on the ALARM missile, as used in the Gulf War of 1991, and that the information in the document was highly sensitive and could be used by an enemy to jam the missile. Although there were 16 recipients of the document listed on its distribution list, not one of them was asked to give a Police Witness Statement or evidence at the trial.

In October 2007 I obtained information that the “restricted” document became obsolete in 1984, and that it was replaced by another specification which was marked “unclassified”. Therefore, the document could not have been used on any ALARM missiles in service during the Gulf War, and the MoD itself must have agreed that the information in the document should be declassified. If this evidence had been available to my Defence team it would have completely changed the cross-examination of Dr Lewis, who was the most important Prosecution witness on the technical evidence at my trial.

Since 1998 the CCRC has been investigating my complaints (case no 00946/98) that my trial was unfair, but the CCRC has failed to discover any new evidence about the anomalies I have drawn their attention to. Members of Parliament have also failed to obtain any explanation from the MoD about this matter; with the reason being given that the CCRC is still investigating the case.

From the way that evidence was disclosed during the trial; the failure to take witness statements from anyone on the distribution list of the “restricted” document; and the testimony of Dr Lewis (who was not an expert on ALARM, or knowledgeable about the “restricted” document) - it is now clear that an organised plan was in place to prevent the truth from being revealed at my trial.

I am therefore making a formal complaint against the Police for perverting the course of justice. I cannot see that the Police acted alone in this matter, because both the CPS and the MoD must have been involved in the decision to withhold evidence from the jury at my trial.

The documents relevant to this matter (from my trial and Appeal) are available via links on my Wikipedia entry.