21 December 2006

Article on Michael John Smith in Lobster magazine

I have written an article about my case entitled In camera Injustice, which has just been published in the issue No. 52 of Lobster magazine for Winter 2006/7. Due to the way the police and prosecution over-complicated my case with lots of "red herrings", it led to the media mis-representing what actually happened. I have tried to break the story down into its essential parts, and presented it in a clear way for the first time.

Lobster is a specialist magazine that concentrates on the sort of issues that surrounded my case. I cannot do better than quote from their own description of what they do:

Lobster was first published in 1983. It investigates state espionage, government conspiracies, the abuse of governmental power, and the influence of the intelligence and security agencies on contemporary history and politics.

If you generally accept the government line, that there is a "national interest", and believe what you read in the newspapers, then Lobster is probably not for you.

If you want to find out more about Lobster then visit the Lobster website.

15 December 2006

Professor Meirion Francis Lewis and the secret SAW component

The part being discussed by Professor Lewis in his testimony was also printed in this MEDL sales brochure.

07 December 2006

Stella Rimington & Oleg Gordievsky Cross-examination

The cross-examinations of both Rimington and Gordievsky at my trial in 1993 have just been published on the Cryptome website. I found their evidence to have been extremely biased, as they were interpreting the exhibits only in a way that indicated some link to a KGB explanation. It was particularly significant that Stella Rimington was supporting the prosecution case that I had been recruited as a KGB agent by Viktor Oshchenko in the 1970s, that he had taught me spy tradecraft, and sent me on a training mission to Portugal in 1977. Then at the very end of her cross-examination, by Rock Tansey QC, Rimington then admits that MI5 had no evidence I had ever met Oshchenko, which immediately makes her claims appear unsubstantiated.

I appear to have overlooked mentioning that another important document from my trial is also available on the Cryptome website. This is the complete arguments about admissibility of evidence before and during my trial, and it shows how biased the judge was in supporting the prosecution case. It was these rulings by the judge that gave the prosecution the opportunity to bring in a lot of irrelevant evidence and speculation that was designed to portray me in a negative way to the jury, and this made it much easier for the prosecution to obtain my conviction.

03 December 2006

Police Witness Statements and my Wikipedia entry

For those who want to know more about how the Police investigated my case, and what evidence was given by each of the witnesses who were questioned, then there is now a set of Police Witness Statements available on the Cryptome website.

Readers of this blog may also be interested to know that a Wikipedia page is also available about my case.