11 May 2010

187 Fleet Street Chambers Gary Summers case continued

Andrew Trollope QC Chambers has still not responded to my e-mail about why my case appears on the Home Page of their website as one of their "Notable Cases". Clearly the Clerks at 187 Fleet Street have ignored my approach to them. Perhaps Gary Summers has advised them to ignore me?

The logical next step is to write to individual barristers in the Chambers, and so I have just posted e-mails to the following lawyers: Jonathan Davies, Brian Reece, Irshad Sheikh, James Lachkovic, Terence Woods, Avirup Chaudhuri, Nicholas Barraclough, Warwick Aleeson, Dafna Spiro, Adam Butler, Pauline Thompson, Leon Kazakos, Emma Kurzner, James Rouse.