27 February 2006

Cryptome on Michael John Smith

John Young of the Cryptome website has published some information about my case here. It is important that readers ask questions about the sort of evidence that was used to convict me, because it was mainly circumstantial. In any other scenario most of the exhibits would have been considered quite innocent of any KGB link or threat to national security. Such is the way the legal mind works, that all fuel must be used to feed the fire of the prosecution case.

I guess it is a long shot that a missile expert would be reading this, i.e. somebody able to give a critical analysis of the prosecution's arguments about the ALARM missile, but it is always possible. I would love to ask the old colleague who was issued with that 'restricted' document, exactly why he was involved with the document - his details appear on the Friends Reunited website - but my lawyers tell me I must not contact potential witnesses personally.

Many thanks to John Young for his help.