26 July 2014

John Robles, campaigner for Truth, needs Justice

Voice of Russia and Information Warrior JARII: Tango Down

This letter is in being written to you because we believe that you are a supporter of the truth, freedom of speech and a believer in justice and the higher civilized ideals that separate us from the animals and those who would enslave and dehumanize us in order to maintain their own power and fulfill their own agenda.

Recently a very sad event occurred over-shadowed by horrible current events taking place worldwide. With the appearance of a little banner, the 80+ year old Voice of Russia quietly passed away and shortly thereafter, with the news that his work will no longer be published, one of the world’s most prolific information warriors, John Robles, went down along with it.

John is down, but with your help we can make sure he is not out. Since 1992 John has been quietly fighting to get the truth out and as he enters his twentieth year of exile from the United States and his eighth year as a refugee in the Russian Federation, after facing down adversity upon adversity and rising to each challenge only to see violent opposition to the truth grow stronger and stronger, John has almost come to the point where he believes he is less than human and that he deserves to be shut up, but not quite.

It is important to note that long before Snowden appeared and received refuge in Russia, John and his children were already the first Americans with political asylum in the world, a fact that has never been given attention by the mass media.

This was after the United States Government revoked his citizenship and passport using the false pretext that he owed child support for the very children he has full physical and legal sole-custody of and raised on his own in Russia. A fact that the mass media also ignored. 

Despite the challenges of living as a refugee and even raising two children by himself John has always been a positive energetic and tireless force with people around him not even guessing that he lives a marginalized existence with the fear that any minute he will be taken out.

In 1992 John, a dark skinned Taino Indian, was active in anti-neo-nazi activities in Pennsylvania and had his house burnt down and was almost beaten to death by the KKK and several local skin heads. Several years later after trying to expose fraud reaching the level of hundreds of millions of dollars in Woodland California by calling a secret grand jury, John was secretly detained but not charged, had all his property seized and never returned and mysteriously ended up in a refugee camp in Belize Central America with his two sole custodial children who were 3 and 5 at the time.   

Apparently helped by a network of unknown people John and his children made it to Cuba and eventually to Russia where he worked for over a decade as a teacher near Moscow who tried to help children and adults learn English and in the post-Soviet breakup environment learn the true nature of the US empire and be proud to be Russians.

As a journalist he always tried to help the little guy and promote the truth and the light. As a website owner with his owner servers he tried his best to expose the truth and became an information warrior and a questioner of 9-11 even providing temporary hosting and support for other truth seeker sites like WikiLeaks and Cryptome for short periods when they were taken down. As a father he tried to do good and provide the best life he could for his children, even faced with seemingly unsurmountable adversity. Finally as a presenter, correspondent and investigative journalist and commentator he fought for over 5 years to get to the truth of what is the true evil of the US Empire on the venerable Voice of Russia World Service, what used to be the world’s top radio network which at one point reached over 800 million listeners. 

Quietly working away John has never received awards or major recognition and has never sought any but continues to work tirelessly. His sole goal is getting the truth out. His work has covered issues and giving a voice to those fighting for causes such as: American Indian and indigenous people’s rights, 9-11, Guantanamo, the illegal US wars of aggression worldwide, NATO expansion, hacktivism, the Anonymous movement, the Occupy Movement, Guantanamo, WikiLeaks, Ukraine, the attempted subversion of Russia by the US, the illegal annexation of Kosovo, the attempted assassinations of anti-US imperialist leaders worldwide, the destruction and genocide of the Serbs and always the nefarious activities of the CIA, the NSA, NATO and the entire US military industrial espionage complex.

John has always been a jealous defender of President Vladimir Putin and has promoted and defended Russia and the Russian Government without exception. He loves Russia and the Russian people and has no regrets in making the choices he has made to be a part of Mother Russia. He has even stated in the past that he would give his life for Russia, something he has already done. The only issue he has with Russia is his frozen citizenship bid. 

In August of 2013 John worked endlessly exposing and fighting the activities of the CIA in Syria and helped tell the world about the real intentions and machinations behind the secret CIA war in that country. At the time, according to US based anti-NATO activist Rick Rozoff, John played a significant role in preventing the invasion of Syria and also in exposing the subversion plans for the Russian Federation by USAID and Michael McFaul. Since December of 2013 John has covered heavily the crisis in Ukraine and unapologetically called the Bandera Nazis and their illegal coup what it was helping to cover the connections between the US/CIA/NATO/EU and the western puppets placed in power. 

Recently he helped blow the cover of three airlines working as front companies for the CIA: Premier Executives, Evergreen Air and Vista Jet, the last involved in the CIA rendition of Roman Seleznyov, a case he is also currently involved in covering.

Along with the news that his work will no longer be published also came news that the Right Sector in Ukraine and the Ukrainian SBU have placed John on a hit list, just as he has been placed on a hit list by the CIA for his work with WikiLeaks.

We are asking you to help and support John as he has helped and supported you and the causes that we have all been fighting for.

How can you help?

1.     Sign the petition asking President Putin to end the Robles family’s lives as refugees and grant them Russian citizenship so they can finally live a normal life.

2.     Write a letter to President Putin in support of John and his family.

3.     Ask your government to support John and grant him citizenship if they are an anti-US independent power and value the truth and human rights. John was born in Puerto Rico, a US territory to where he can never return, he speaks fluent English, Spanish and Russian. John wants and seeks Russian citizenship and he and his children successfully applied for it in 2009, but the process has been stopped for unknown and unstated reasons for 5 years now.  

4.     Support www.jar2.com and John by making a donation through paypal and become a sponsor of jar2 or write to jar2@jar2.com

5.     Write a letter to John’s employers asking for his work to be published on the new Rossiya Sevodnya platform as it was before on the Voice of Russia. His work was to be published but we learned that management made the decision to cease all publication of his work.

6.     Submit your work for publication to jar2 and share links to the site with your friends.

7.     Send this e-mail to at least ten more people interested in fighting for the truth or even in simply being allowed access to it.

8.     Continue to fight for the truth, spread the light, continue to attempt to expose and stop the persecutors of truth seekers and end the forced exile of Julian Assange.

9.     Visit at least one source of alternative media today and spread at least one link to a story exposing the illegality of the US Empire.

10.    Question the JFK assassination and 9-11 and everything since.

11.    Do something nice for someone and help at least one person during the course of the day.     

12.    Think. Speak out. Do not forgive. Do not forget. The power is in your hands. Together we can win.

Support John at this website.