09 December 2014

Save American Refugees and Free Media in Russia

Below is a Press Release From JAR2.com

Dear friends and supporters and seeker of the truth. The battle has been long and hard since the liquidation of the Voice of Russia and it is clear that there is not a single independent media source in the world that is covering all of the issues that we were covering on the Voice of Russia. Since my purely politically motivated termination I have had an almost impossible time finding new employment and have therefore decided to attempt to start my own media operation or even buy out the Voice of Russia brand from the Russian Government if the amount of financial support that will be needed is found. The entire project will cost millions but with your support and the support of all of your friends and fellow fighters for the truth it is possible we can find the funding and get the project off the ground. We have decided to attempt the almost impossible and are seeking your contribution. The new media outlet will be span multiple platforms and will require a large staff to get it off the ground but we are confident in your support and your contributions which will make it all possible. Here is the text attached to the new campaign which you can see here; http://igg.me/at/jar2

Save American Refugees in Russia

“My name is John Robles, I was an announcer, interviewer, translator, newsreader and geopolitical commentator for the Voice of Russia World Service in English.  I have also been a vocal proponent for 9-11 truth and in my journalistic work have struggled to expose government illegality that has killed millions and all but enslaved peace loving people worldwide. In October I lost my job in a purely political termination after announcing to my employers (those who took over what was left of the liquidated Voice of Russia) the birth of our baby girl. She was recently in the hospital and we are destitute and in need of support until I find an employer willing to take me on. Your donations will go to help my little daughter get better, support our site www.jar2.com and keep us afloat. It is humiliating to have gone from being the worldwide voice of the Russian Federation to asking for donations in order to put food on the table and pay the rent but I will do anything for my little angel. No gimmick, no fancy story, just the simple truth and the hope that you will help. There were over 2,500 of us at the Voice of Russia and my hope is that I may be able to start a similar worldwide media outlet if the financial support can be found, hence the large sum. Thank you very much and I wish all of you the best, wherever you may be.”

All payments will go through PayPal so if you want to donate without going through Indiegogo please do so by making a personal contribution directly to PayPal at jar2@list.ru.

John Robles