11 February 2014

Lyubertsy Corrupt Police plant drugs on John Robles

Lyubertsy Police have been known to act corruptly in the past, and recently they planted drugs on John Robles in an attempt to have him convicted of a felony. The Police even tried to extract a bribe to drop the case - this is corruption in most people's minds.

Unfortunately for the Police the whole incident was recorded on several video cameras, and so it is possible to witness what happened. Why was John not taken to the local Police Station straight away; why was he kept in the Police vehicle and subjected to threats and violence? These questions are important because they support the truth, that John Robles had no drugs on him, and Police were sent away to obtain the marijuana that was planted on John to give credibility to the corrupt Police claims.

Watch the videos and see what you think. This video shows a critical period when 2 Police were sent off to obtain the marijuana. When the Police returned, John's wallet was removed from the vehicle at 03:43:25 the package was passed between the Police to avoid the placement within John's wallet being noticed by any cameras.

A magnified view of the scene is shown in another video. A third video shows the whole sequence of events, from the time John Robles arrives at the scene at 01:07:00 until the Police finally leave at 04:36:46. Why does it take the Police three and a half hours to deal with an apparently simple operation. Does this make the Police appear merely incompetent, or as we believe acting in a corrupt manner?