01 September 2009

John Kelsey-Fry QC polygraph lie detector test

John Kelsey-Fry QC should be asked to undergo a polygraph lie detector test to ascertain his role in the evidence at my trial, particularly regarding the witnesses Oleg Gordievsky, Dame Stella Rimington and Professor Meirion Francis Lewis.

Clearly Kelsey-Fry played at least some part in the preparation of these parts of the prosecution case, and he was also responsible I understand for much of the communication of information between the Prosecution and Defence teams - it was the withholding of the Prosecution case and evidence regarding the ALARM missile that was so damaging to the Defence at trial.

The underhanded Prosecution tactics - nothing but a bare-faced "ambush" - were designed to undermine the way in which the Defence had prepared their case. Not only had the ALARM missile never been previously mentioned in the Prosecution case, until Professor Meirion Lewis appeared in the witness box, but the Prosecution had up till that point not made any serious allegations about the relevant exhibit: a 10-year old obsolete and low-level 9-page document.