03 February 2012

John Anthony Robles attacked by US Ambassador to Moscow Michael Anthony McFaul

Michael Anthony McFaul, the US Ambassador to Moscow, has unleashed an extraordinary attack on John Anthony Robles, a man who poses no threat to the USA or to Mr McFaul personally. The question has to be asked: why was John Robles targeted, and why has he been singled out for hostile treatment by other US Embassy staff over several years? Is this really about a simple passport problem, or the fictitious claim that John owed child support even though he had sole custody of his children and is living in Russia, and has had complete custody of his children since they were babies. In 1992 the City of Woodland California began attempting to receive payments from Mr Robles in the name of his 2 children who he had full custody of. At at the time he had been living in the State of Pennsylvania, after a mysterious fire in his home Mr Robles moved back to California and continued to fight the "authorities" who continued to hound Mr Robles for money he did not owe. In August of 1995 Mr Robles began the process, after years of fighting these people in Court, of convening a secret Grand Jury to investigate the local authorities who were receiving money based on multiple fraudulent child support claims from the US Federal Government. that Grand Jury was supposed to convene on October 26th 1995. It never happened. Several hours before the Grand Jury was supposed to convene Mr Robles and his entire family were raided by Government agents. Mr Robles was forced to leave the United States. Clearly there is more to John's case than Mr McFaul was prepared to tell the Russian authorities, when he chose to attack John last week.
Michael Anthony McFaul

As we all know, the FBI and the British Metropolitan Police employ some of the dumbest people on the planet. It was a lucky coincidence that today we learned how the FBI were caught or hacked during phone conversations with their Met. Police counterparts. This little insight helps us to understand the perversions that are fundamental to the policy of the FBI, and their beloved late leader J. Edgar Hoover, or should we rather call him J. Edna Hoover?

Perhaps it was at a meeting of such perverted FBI operatives, attending one of their all-male secret societies, when the plot was hatched to threaten and frame John Robles, because he was seen as an easy target? What we do know is that John was attacked and his life was put in danger, and then he was framed and put under pressure by some shady characters - whether they were FBI or CIA seems not to be important - but John was forced to leave the USA. We can go into this in more detail later.

John Robles has published information about Mr McFaul on his JAR2 website:

Michael Anthony McFaul is a danger to the Russian Federation

January 22, 2012 Michael Anthony McFaul born 1963 in Glasgow, Montana is a Stanford University professor the former director of the university's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, he worked for the U.S. National Security Council as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of Russian and Eurasian Affairs and is a Hoover Institution Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow with friendly ties to neoconservatives. McFaul is called the architect of Obama's reset policy but is not a career diplomat.

In 1994, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a member of the Russian State Duma denounced McFaul for good reason. Mcfaul was attempting to shape Russia policy ala Brezhinsky during the 1990s and was actively seeking to interfere in the inner workings of the governmental and democratic institutions of the Russian Federation.

If one is to look carefully at the holes in his biography and his modi operandi for the trained analyst a picture begins to appear of someone hiding behind the trees and propping up a legend not his own, it is clear that this person has an agenda, a history, and credentials that are not in keeping with his position as a diplomat.

I am not saying it is wrong for the ambassador to have connection to the secret services. That is a given and perfectly normal. The problem with McFaul is that he is a SPOOK. Having a spook posing as the ambassador to a country is a great move for the intelligence service behind him but can not be accepted by the host country.

McFaul must be declared persona non grata and expelled at once. If he is not he will continue to attempt to subvert the Russian Federation and in particular the upcoming presidential elections and the campaign of Prime Minister Putin.
In 1994 a gunman fired a shot into McFaul's Stanford University office window, if he doesn’t pack his bags history may repeat itself.

McFaul has shown openly he is organizing and promoting an opposition that did not exist until recently in Russia. By that alone he is a danger to the internal political processes of the Russian Federation, is not here to perform the duties of an ambassador, and has proven time and again he is an enemy to the Russian State and the Russian people.

He came here arrogantly swaggering, swinging his ambassadorship hanging from his hand around, telling the press he was here to educate Russian on Americans. Yes, he said he was here to help Russians understand Americans. Russian are stupid according to McFaul, especially if they think they see America’s missiles all along its borders as a threat.

McFaul, please do the Russian Federation and the human race a favor and pack up your bags, say bye bye to your American financed, America created and American loving opposition, and get your weasel-like slimy wormlike ass out of Russia. On second thought, take them with you. And like the great Zhirinovsky I also denounce you.

Go running back to your psychopathic Hillary and tell her to send you somewhere where you are needed. You could go clean toilets at the Skull and Bones camp in Bohemian Grove, or are you no longer a member?

John Robles is a danger to McFaul?
According to the U.S. and their agents,
 I am not human, therefore I have no human rights.

According to the US it is okay to threaten Prime Minister Putin, it is okay to hunt and kill and kidnap and torture anyone, but if you tell one of Hilary's chosen ones his days are numbered in country since his policies are unacceptable that is a crime. I am flattered that McFaul is pretending to be scared of me in order to cause me problems here. Here is the e-mail that was sent to McFaul in my name. (In answer to an e-mail he sent me) As a diplomat he complained to the Russian authorities that I threatened him ten days after he got the e-mail, it was sent on the 18th they contacted the authorities on the 28th. I am  Thank God we are in Russia.

John Robles sent McFaul this e-mail message:

Dear McFaul,
Maybe you, unlike your right wing predecessor, will compensate me and my family for what the government has put us through, then perhaps you will have the moral right to talk about human rights and arrogantly prance around meeting the opposition proclaiming you are here to make Russians understand Americans. Then again of course that will never happen so all I can say is like my days are numbered so are yours here in Moscow.
John Anthony Robles II   528-08-7283
PS No response expected.

Shortly after the new US Ambassador, Michael McFaul, arrived in Moscow it soon became evident that he was hell-bent on advancing a negative and arrogant position towards Russia. I was very surprised at Mr. McFaul's claim that he was here to make Russians understand America; it was arrogant for him to assume that Russians are stupid and his approach indicates that he has little respect for Russia's democratic traditions.

Instead of behaving with the diplomacy I would have expected, McFaul has gone out of his way to publicise his contempt for our elected leaders, making a special point of meeting with the opposition politicians, backed by the West, who want to bring down Vladimir Putin.

In the e-mail above, entitled “Disgraceful Start up” addressed to RosenmanRG@state.gov  (the man who revoked my US passport), moscowwarden@state.gov, and consulMo@state.gov, That my friends forwarded to McFaul,  I made my position clear, that I had seen through the charade that McFaul was in Moscow to act as a normal Ambassador, he has an agenda. I also suggested that I was due compensation for having to go through what my family and I have had to go through since they revoked my passport in 2007 on false grounds and ordered me to close my site.

I seem to have hit a raw nerve with my e-mail, and the article above. It must have caused McFaul intense irritation that I also work for Russian State radio and am a vocal opponent of many U.S. policies. Consequently, it took ten days for the US authorities to devise a plan to try to attack and damage me.

Presumably there must have been dozens of communiqu├ęs back and forth between officials at the US Moscow Embassy and their bosses back in Washington, because the only approach they could come up with is that I am an extremely dangerous individual, and that McFaul is frightened that I might physically harm him!

I am the only person in the world with political asylum from the US that I am aware of. Any attack by the US to harm me, even by proxy, is a violation of the UN statutes on refugees and against international law. They complained that they were afraid of me to the Russian authorities after I complained about McFaul and wrote the piece above. They are also upset about all my work in the mass media in particular my radio job. This was an attempt to use the Russian authorities to get me. Next I am sure they will attempt to rendition me or orchestrate an accident or further attack my character.

I must remind those who are unaware of my case, that the US Embassy revoked my citizenship on the grounds that I owed child support in California, even though I had raised my children on my own (in the Russian Federation) since they were very small and my children are here in Russia and the embassy knows that.

The fact that the Embassy believes that I would be so stupid, being a public figure, and using my own e-mail address and giving them my social security number to threaten McFaul is ridiculous and self serving, here I was a single dad and a dead beat at the same time, then I am a victim asking for compensation whose life they have destroyed but they pretend to be afraid of me?

It is obvious that the US authorities are desperate and they feel forced to make wild accusations, because they have no real charges to bring against me. We have seen similar allegations in the past against those that Washington fears, with innocent people tortured and renditioned, and nothing the US does now surprises me.

It is typical of the US position that representatives of the U.S. government working out of the Moscow embassy ordered me to close my website www.jar2.com, which among other things accuses the US Government of being involved in 9-11. My recent article criticising McFaul may have caused alarm at the Embassy, but it is only my opinion, and here in Russia we do value the right of free speech.

It is sad that US officials are so afraid of the truth that they do all they can to suppress it. It is also sad that they continue to try to marginalize me and paint me to be some monster. Just like they paid Salagub and his agents to run around and tell my clients and friends that I was dangerous so I lost my school now they are running around telling the Russian authorities I am dangerous.

I guess Rosenman assumes that I might be a little bit bitter after having lived as a refugee for the past five years since he illegally revoked my passport leaving me stateless and ordered me to shut up. Maybe that is why they are so afraid of me. Or maybe their agent is telling them things they want to hear. I mean agents.

You step on a man, take everything he has, make false accusations, spit in his face, revoke his citizenship, make his children suffer, insult his honor, destroy his life and then you claim he is dangerous is like the most wormlike scummy cowardly thing one could possibly do, but that is what we can expect from the American Embassy in Moscow.

The article above was published last Sunday and then within minutes my internet incredibly shut off for three days which shows robust and improved abilities by the CIA.

If you support us and are against U.S. interference in the internal political, economic and social life of the Russian Federation, please send the picture below en-mass to these addresses: RosenmanRG@state.gov (the man who revoked my US passport), moscowwarden@state.gov, and consulMo@state.gov. Russia does not need bloodshed nor a revolution. Not an orange one, a pink one, a green one nor one of some other color.
Have a nice day.

Love you all. John
"The Taino Indian Refugee"

However, Mr McFaul, we care very little whether or not you really are a CIA officer (spook) sent to interfere in Russia's internal politics. The chances of you ever being effective in that role are fairly low, and we expect any CIA officer operating out of Moscow is already known to the Russian intelligence services. What you should be considering is doing some humanitarian work to show that Americans are not all heartless murdering bastards. Luckily, in Moscow, you have the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you are sincere in your assertions to show Russians what Americans are really like. Show us that you can be a human being, and offer John Robles his US passport back.

E-mail to the US Embassy in Moscow:
To: RosenmanRG@state.gov, moscowwarden@state.gov, consulMo@state.gov
Subject: For the attention of The Ambassador Mr Michael McFaul

Dear Mr McFaul,

Please return John Anthony Robles' passport

We all know that the USA was founded on a double disgrace: African slaves, combined with the genocide of the indigenous Indian populations. I do hope that you are not one of those people who also want to wipe out Taino Indians such as John Robles?

It is clear that Mr Robles had his passport revoked in 2007 for no good reason, and this action was used by your embassy as an attempted blackmail to force him to shut down his website. Surely the time has come for you to show some magnanimous leadership and to resolve this matter in a way that is fair to John?

Yours sincerely,
Michael John Smith

It was mentioned above about the hacked conversation of the FBI and British Police plotting together. Back in 1992 the CIA plotted with MI5 in an attempt to fabricate evidence to frame me. In 1976 I went on a holiday to Canada and the USA and I travelled around by Greyhound bus. What a suspicious thing to do, you must be thinking? Well, in the minds of MI5 this is just the sort of evidence they can twist into proof of guilt.
Below is a copy of the map that was given to me by a friend in Chicago:
Map of Downtown Chicago

A number of locations are circled. At the top is the place where my friend worked, there is also a circle around the Greyhound bus station, and others at the Sears Tower and the Arts Centre. To me this was all innocent, as these were places I visited while I was there, and I went to the top of Sears Tower during my stay. Far from the reality of what I actually did in Chicago, MI5 were desperate to make it appear that I was on a KGB mission, and the CIA were there to help check out the details to try to incriminate me.

MI5 asked Viktor Oshchenko to say something that would help to make the Chicago visit appear to be sinister, and in his meeting with MI5 he did his best: :.
‘[Oshchenko] was shown the marked map of Downtown Chicago and asked for his comments. …. [Smith] was sent on the trip, paid for by the KGB, to establish contacts and friends and to reconnoitre the possibilities of obtaining a job out there. …. [Oshchenko] thought that the ringed buildings and numbers might, therefore, represent universities, research establishments or contact addresses’.

At my friend's recommendation I spent some time on a guided tour organised by the Chicago ArchiCenter. It was very interesting to visit a number of buildings in the city that had played a part in the development of architecture, including examples by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Below is the front cover of the leaflet describing the guided tours, and I even kept the ticket I bought for that tour. I have never understood the relevance of this for a KGB mission, but that is the sort of lie that MI5 had to use in order to ensure that I would be convicted.
Chicago ArchiCenter Leaflet

Chicago ArchiCenter Ticket