17 January 2007

Article by Frederico Duarte Carvalho on Oporto

The Portuguese journalist Frederico Duarte Carvalho has just had an article about my case published in the Lisbon magazine Focus. The article concentrates on a number of issues from my case, particularly my holiday to Oporto in 1977, and this is the first time the so-call KGB training map has been seen in the public domain.

One interesting point is that Frederico has studied the route taken by the American KGB recruit, known as Mr E at my trial, and this indicates the comparison that the prosecution were trying to draw between my innocent holiday to Oporto in 1977, and Mr E's real KGB mission to Lisbon in 1979.

If you would like to see Frederico's article it is available in Portuguese here. An English translation is now available at this page on my blog, and the same translation has also been published on Cryptome.