29 November 2011

Zatuliveter - Gordievsky lied to support paranoid MI5 numbskulls

Katya Zatuliveter has been cleared of the accusation of being a Russian spy. I couldn't see what other decision the Court could come to - at least it appeared to be obvious to me when I gave an interview to Voice of Russia last week.

One of the aspects that concerned me was that MI5 had acted unprofessionally in this case, particularly because of the paranoia that they seem to exhibit whenever a Russian is involved with a politician in Britain. Katya has stated the same view in her interview with the BBC, when she said that MI5 were 'unprofessional and paranoid'.

This institutional paranoia that permeates MI5 makes them see potential espionage activity from every Russian that arrives in the UK, and Katya says of MI5's attitude, that 'if you're Russian in this country you're a spy'.

So where does this leave our resident defector and chief MI5 ass-licker Oleg Gordievsky, who was so outspoken about the guilt of Miss Zatuliveter?

As early as October 2010 Gordievsky was condemning her as a Russian spy, in various British national daily newspapers. Gordievsky's views appear to have been used as major "evidence" against Katya. His sensationalist descriptions of Katya were circulated all around the world as some sort of exposure of her by a man who must know the truth in such situations - an ex-colonel in the KGB.

A very loquacious bird that talks a little too much for his own good

Well, after all the nonsense that Gordievsky has talked in the past year, I wonder why he is so silent today? It is all very well having a spokesperson to spread your lies all over the media, but when the truth is finally revealed, is it the parrot or the master who has bird shite all over their face?

We all know - because it is no secret that Gordievsky is a spokesperson for MI5 and MI6 - that he was put up to spreading the lies about Miss Zatuliveter. However, who is footing the bill for Gordievsky's incompetent and over-zealous attacks on Katya? Is it the British tax-payer who is supplying the money that makes Gordievsky talk, every time the British Intelligence Services need a bit of dirty propaganda splashed around the tabloids?

If British Intelligence are so incompetent, that they have to frame an innocent 26 year-old woman to create the illusion that they are great "spy-catchers", then what does this say about the organisation and the management of MI5?

Surely the Zatuliveter case clearly demonstrates what idiots we have supposedly protecting our National Security in Britain. MI5 must be the laughing stock of the intelligence world!

21 November 2011

Katya Zatuliveter, Oleg Gordievsky & the Cambridge Parrot

Katya Zatuliveter has been in the news recently. I think she has been much maligned by the British Security Service (MI5) in order to gain some political advantage. I gave an interview a few days ago to the Voice of Russia radio station, to try to put the record straight.

Due to the limitations of a radio interview some parts of my interview had to be cut. For example, I talked about my Member of Parliament, Andrew Mackinlay MP:

Commentator: Do you know of other cases where Members of Parliament have been criticised for being connected to a Russian?

Michael John Smith: In 2008 my own MP, Andrew Mackinlay, was targeted in a smear campaign, simply because he had been having meetings with a Russian diplomat in the Houses of Parliament. Mr Mackinlay was a member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, so it was not unusual for him to have meetings with foreign representatives. Unfortunately, the paranoia of MI5 came into action, and stories suddenly started appearing in the newspapers that Mr Mackinlay was involved in something sinister, and that espionage might be involved.

Commentator: Surely, just talking with a diplomat doesn’t amount to spying?

Michael John Smith: No, I agree, but I believe in Mr Mackinlay’s case he became a target because he had asked probing questions in Parliament about issues that embarrassed the Government. For example, he was concerned about Britain’s involvement in the war in Iraq - he knew that Prime Minister Tony Blair had lied about the motives for the war. A smear campaign was an effective way to stop Mr Mackinlay causing embarrassment to the British Government and its Intelligence Services. Mr Mackinlay retired as an MP in 2010, but he did call for the British security services to be ‘brought under control’ for claiming there were too many Russian spies in the UK.

It seems that MI5 are acting more like Inspector Clouseau, rather than a sort of George Smiley character. However, Oleg Gordievsky, that ex-spy brought out at such occaisions to spread the disinformation, has not disappointed us this time. He claims that Katya was an important Russian spy.

David Rose the journalist, freely admitted that he was an agent of MI5 and MI6. It is good that he has declared his involvement in this disinformation of the news MI5 and MI6 want to circulate.