12 April 2011

Professor Christopher Andrew squawks more rubbish

Professor Christopher Andrew, otherwise know as "The Cambridge Parrot", has just made another podcast on behalf of MI5 to be disseminated as serious comment via The National Archives website.

The parrot brags in this podcast about his role as being the official historian for MI5 - what a pretty boy he is. However, the deception of Christopher Andrew's work is that he conveniently removed all references from his "official" MI5 history in relation to my case on the issue of Portugal and Oporto, which proved to be the most important evidence at my trial in 1993. The conclusion to be drawn is that Dame Stella Rimington fabricated that evidence in order to secure my conviction, and now the parrot has removed it from the archives on the orders of his MI5 handlers. I have always found that protection against embarrassment is a key modus operandi of MI5's approach, and the parrot proves again what a useful servant he is in their cause.

Well, Prof Andrew can squawk all he likes about his references to KV file numbers, because we now know that all he is doing is putting out the version of propaganda that MI5 and MI6 are keen to get into the public domain. This is their version of the "jigsaw" that they so often speak about.

Yet again, Andrew repeats the fictitious story about Roger Hollis having been a Soviet agent - but why not acknowledge the testimony of John Alexander Symonds, who has clearly stated in his own writings that the real Soviet mole within MI5 around that time was its other Director General, Sir Howard Smith. It was not surprising that Smith was removed from office when John Symonds returned to the UK from Moscow. Who pulled the strings then I wonder? James Callaghan was mentioned at the time.

I guess we will never hear the real story of MI5, until we are all dead in a couple of hundred years time. The truth is really too uncomfortable for those at Thames House, and that other lot just up the river in Vauxhall.