16 July 2008

Professor Meirion Lewis’s complaint misfires?

I received a letter this morning from Malvern Police Station in the West Mercia Constabulary. Apparently Professor Meirion Francis Lewis has made a complaint to the Police, and made allegations that I have been harassing him and his neighbours. I must say I am rather surprised at his reaction, because all I have been trying to do is to get him into conversation about why he gave false evidence at my trial. I know his evidence was false because the truth can easily be proved by comparing what he said with the facts from reputable sources.

Anyway, below is the letter which I received today:

Letter from Malvern Police Station

West Mercia Constabulary
Together - Working for Safety and Justice

Malvern Police Station
Victoria Road
Worcs WR14 2TE

08457 444 888 FAX 01684 892274

OurRef: 0424-S-140708 Date. 14.07.08

Dear Mr Michael J Smith


A complaint has been received from Professor M F Lewis, regarding an allegation of Harassment, which is currently ongoing. A complaint has been obtained to this effect.

I assure you that this letter in no way indicates pre-judgement on the part of the Police, but the alleged behaviour, and course of conduct you have pursued namely, the sending of literature to his neighbours of a defamatory nature, and the sending of electronic communications which are causing alarm, distress and harassment.

I have to advise you that should you continue the course of conduct that has resulted in this complaint, and a further complaint be received then proceedings may be instigated as per The Protection From Harassment Act 1997.This will make you liable to arrest and upon conviction in court, a possible prison sentence.

It is only right that you be made aware of the robust line West Mercia Constabulary is taking in all cases of harassment.

Should you wish to discuss the matter with the Officer dealing, please telephone 08457 444 888, or you may wish to consult independently with a solicitor.

Yours sincerely

I feel if anybody is being harassed in this case it is me, because my life has been more or less ruined because of the evidence which Professor Lewis gave at my trial. No doubt this is not the end of the affair, but I have replied to the Chief Constable of West Mercia Police with the following letter:


16 July 2008

For the personal attention of the Chief Constable
West Mercia Constabulary
P.O. Box 55

Dear Chief Constable,

Your Ref. 0424-s-140708

I am writing to you to complain about the attached letter, received today from a member of your staff, informing me that ‘a complaint has been obtained(sic)’. The complainant has been identified as Professor M.F. Lewis, who has alleged that I have harassed him, and continue to do so. Your letter continues in paragraph 2 and 3 by assuring me ‘that this letter in no way indicates pre-judgement on the part of the Police, but the alleged behaviour and course of conduct [I] have pursued … should [I] continue the course of conduct … will make [me] liable to arrest … and a possible prison sentence’. I regard this letter to be your harassment of me.

You say a complaint has been received from Professor M.F. Lewis. May I ask if this complaint was in writing, or was it a verbal complaint? If it was in writing I would like to see a copy of this statement, and if a verbal complaint the words as recorded by the Police Constable concerned.

The next question is, did Professor Lewis complain to you directly of his own volition, or did one of your officers go to see him to invite him to complain against me? The facts and circumstances of this complaint could well become important in any subsequent court case.

The same question applies to the ‘neighbours’. Did any of the neighbours contact you of their own accord to complain about literature ‘of a defamatory nature, and the sending of electronic communications which are causing alarm, distress and harassment’? If that is so, can you supply me with the details of any neighbour who suffered ‘alarm, distress and harassment’ from me.

You say you have to advise me that, ‘should [I] continue the course of conduct’ I will be ‘liable to arrest and upon conviction, a possible prison sentence’. My response is to advise you that I shall take this matter up with the proper authorities, i.e. the Attorney General, the Lord Chief Justice, the CPS, the Ministry of Defence, the CCRC, et al, all of whom have received detailed complaints from me about the behaviour of Professor Lewis against me. I attach for your information a copy of the letter I received today from Malvern Police Station, and I can provide documents supporting my statements above if you wish to understand the details of the case that Professor Lewis and myself are contesting.

To précis the above, Professor Lewis is a professional perjurer. He attended my trial as a witness for the Prosecution and he lied his head off, in order to ensure my wrongful conviction at my trial in 1993. Because of Lewis and his perjury I, an innocent man, was wrongly convicted and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, later reduced to 20 years on appeal, but I still had to serve 10 years and 3 months in prison.

It is hardly surprising, therefore, that I have for the past 15 years been trying to persuade this man to admit and/or justify the crime he has committed against me. As a result of his evidence I not only spent years in prison, but I lost my wife, my home, my career, and far more. Yes, I have written to Professor Lewis from time to time, to keep him aware of the continuing revelations of evidence proving and confirming beyond all doubt the lies he told the judge and jury at the Old Bailey Central Criminal Court, and which he has repeated since on several occasions.

I do not believe that Professor Lewis lodged this complaint with one of your local Police Constables in Malvern, because he has gone to great lengths to avoid instigating any situation which I could exploit, for example by taking him to court in response to further false allegations against myself. In my opinion, Lewis learnt his lesson many years ago during a continuing series of complaints to other organisations, e.g. he has complained about me to his friends in the MoD, who I believe put him up to perjuring himself to secure my conviction for political reasons, he has complained to the CCRC, the CPS, Special Branch, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Physics, and to a number of other authorities.

For your information, these organisations were not interested in helping Professor Lewis in any way, and their advice to him was to “get on his bike”. They felt that he had been rewarded enough with an unearned professorship and a high order (the CBE) for his assistance in my case (both honours within the gift of the Intelligence Services). Another witness at my trial, Oleg Gordievsky, also lied against me in court, and after perjuring himself and giving false evidence against me he received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters and a CMG, and so he has also been rewarded in a like manner for perjuring himself to enable MI5 to achieve their then objective.

I believe that, having been corresponding with personages such as the Chairman of the CCRC, and having made frequent and persistent complaints of harassment against me, Professor Lewis was advised to “get on his way” or “get on his bike”. I don’t believe that he would have gone to Malvern Police Station, or stopped a policeman in the street, in view of our private history of attempted and rejected complaints. Since 2003, when I first contacted Professor Lewis by telephone, he has stubbornly refused to even discuss the lies that he told in Court. So, Lewis’s high level complaints went nowhere, but complaining to the local police station apparently did provide some result for him.

In my opinion, Lewis is now harassing or attempting to harass me, with the unwitting assistance of one of your most junior and naïve (?) police officers. No experienced police officer would undertake such an action, without the authority of a more senior officer. In fact, this action should really have come up almost to your own level of authority.

So, to list my complaints, I would first of all point out that the letter that I received from your Malvern office appears to be from an illiterate person, for example the terms ‘obtained a complaint’, professing ‘no pre-judgement’ of my conduct, but then making a pre-judgement. In the third paragraph I am advised that ‘should [I] continue the course of conduct’ this will result in my arrest, and this is a bare-faced threat which I find more annoying than intimidating, and I object to these words.

I do not believe the letter, implying that Lewis contacted the police to make the complaint, in view of the history documented above. I do believe that “some person” made contact with one of your officers in Malvern Police Station and instigated this alleged complaint of harassment. I would ask you to investigate this, as I would be surprised if the PC who signed this letter was the person responsible, but I would not be surprised if the more senior police officer who ordered PC Connolly to visit Lewis was the instigator of this complaint.

As a matter of interest to you, perhaps, is the fact that Lewis’s perjury involved third-hand hearsay evidence from a Dr. Humphryes, who was allegedly “an expert” on the ALARM missile (repeated in the Judge’s Summing Up). It had become obvious that Lewis had no knowledge of anti-radar missiles, and Lewis told the court that he had that morning telephoned the Director of Marconi (Dr Humphryes), who had confirmed to him that an exhibit in the trial (a document) was used on the secret ALARM missile. Professor Lewis then told the court that this document (found in my possession) in the hands of an enemy would enable the British missile to be neutralized, and this had a huge impact on the jury and the judge.

When I eventually emerged from prison, and started to prepare my Appeal, I contacted Dr. Humphryes and learnt the truth. Humphryes knew nothing about the ALARM missile, because that was dealt with in a different division of the company, and neither did he recall being asked on the telephone about it by Lewis. However, it seems it was not unusual for Lewis to phone Humphryes, because they had been friends and studied Physics together at Oxford University.

One of my friends, on seeing your entry on the website of West Mercia Police, commented that it was a remarkable coincidence that you also have a physics degree from Oxford. I just mention that this as a curiosity? I do not suggest for one moment that there is a connection between you and Professor Lewis, but I do expect you to properly investigate my complaint and to supply me with the information I have asked for.

Finally, with regard to threatening me with the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, I am sure you know more about this Act than I do. I have never had cause to look it up until today, but I will assure you that if any of my actions can be construed as harassment, then I am quite sure the succession of High Court judges previously contacted by Lewis would have been fully aware of this Act, and any possible transgression of it on my part. There is provision within the Act for a person such as myself to contact a person such as Lewis, to ask him questions in a civilised manner about relevant matters concerning a past shared experience.

I am pursuing Lewis, as you are aware from the references above, for his perjury against me. He is pursuing me for alleged harassment. His pursuit of me is in fact the harassment in this case, and I intend to consult my lawyers with a view to taking action against Lewis, and in that case your police officers will of course be called as witnesses to this offence. This is why I am asking you to supply me with all the evidence connected with this complaint.

Since receiving the attached letter I have received a number of telephone calls, with callers claiming to be connected to your force, either as a civilian member of a police call centre, or a PC, or a Sergeant. Please put a stop to this as I will only deal with you in future.

Yours sincerely,
Michael John Smith

Tonight I received an e-mail from a PC Chadwick of West Mercia Police:

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 20:44:19 +0100
From: "Chadwick,Paul", paul.chnadwick@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
To: Michael John Smith
Subject: RE: For the personal attention of the Chief Constable

sent your e-mail to pc connelly , who was the sender of your original letter
many thanks
pc 1794 chadwick

I get the impression that my e-mail to the Chief Constable will not reach his desk, and so tonight I have sent a further e-mail to the West Mercia Constabulary:

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 23:55:55 +0100
From: Michael John Smith
To: contactus@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
Cc: "Chadwick,Paul", paul.chnadwick@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
Subject: For the personal attention of the Chief Constable

Dear Chief Constable,

I note that my e-mail to you, marked "Private & Confidential" and "for your personal attention only", has been intercepted by a pc 1794 chadwick and diverted to pc 1668 connolly, the author of the ridiculous letter sent to me and which is the subject of my complaint.

To say that this is a most unusual procedure would be an understatement. This action is designed to complicate or thwart any investigation you may have decided to carry out into my complaint to you about Connolly. As for me, I am now more than convinced that there is something sinister going on here, probably one of your Special Branch officers and PC Connolly operating without your permission and behind your back.

Now you will see at this reference that I am now obliged to write to you publicly through this medium in order to circumvent the interference with my mail, apparently with the intention of preventing you from learning of certain events taking place within your Malvern sub-station.

I will be interested to see whether or not my Royal Mail letter to you will also be intercepted and diverted, which I believe is still a serious offence, and if so I will instigate an investigation into your office by the Post Master General.

I am now adding this to my blog in the sure confidence that certain officers within your force are actively conspiring behind your back to prevent you becoming aware of their illegal undercover operations.

Obviously MI5 are the originators of this whole episode and they are thereby confirming the general public's opinion that they are now 'out of control' (as said by Andrew Mackinlay MP).

Yours sincerely,
Michael John Smith

The Chief Constable of West Mercia, Paul West, with a string of letters after his name, has acknowledged my letter in which I answered the accusation that I had harassed Professor Meirion Francis Lewis.

Acknowledgement by Chief Constable Paul West

West Mercia Constabulary
Together . Working For Safety and Justice

Paul West QPM MA (Oxon) MSc MA
Chief Constable

West Mercia Headquarters, Hindlip Hall
PO Box 55, Worcester, WR3 8SP
Tel: 01905 332233 Fax: 01905 331806
e-mail: Chief@westmercia.pnn.police.uk

Our Ref: OP/BOO/2085-1 Date: 21/7/08

The Chief Constable acknowledges receipt of your letter dated 16/7/08,
the contents of which have been noted and passed to the Divisional Commander, South Worcestershire Division, Castle Street, Worcester, for attention. You should expect to hear from the Divisional Commander or their representative in the near future.

This is my reply to the Chief Constable's acknowledgement:

To: Chief@westmercia.pnn.police.uk

From: Michael John Smith
Date: Thurs, 24 July 2008
Subject: For the personal attention of the Chief Constable

The alleged harassment of Professor Meirion Francis Lewis

Dear Chief Constable,

Thank you for your acknowledgement of receiving my letter dated 16 July 2008. I have again written to you directly because my previous correspondence to you was diverted by PC 1794 Paul Chadwick. I understand that you have allocated the issues raised in my letter of 16 July 2008 to be investigated by your Divisional Commander. I look forward to receiving the outcome to the investigation in due course.

Yours sincerely,
Michael John Smith

Second Letter from Malvern Police Station

Worcester Division
Malvern Police Station
Victoria Road, Malvern, WR14 2TE
Tel: 08457 444 888 Fax: 01684 892274

Our Ref: CG/MC75

07 August 2008

To: Mr. Michael John SMITH

Dear Mr. SMITH,

I refer to your letters dated the 16th July and 28th July, 2008.

I can confirm that Professor LEWIS did approach us at Malvern Police concerning the contacts you have made to him.

I was not aware of your case until your correspondence, and have read your most enlightening Wikipedia autobiography with interest.

However, you will appreciate that there are proper channels by which to conduct challenges in law as you have already used them. You were convicted in the Crown Court, and you challenged that conviction in the Court of Appeal but the conviction was upheld. If you still wish to pursue your claim of wrongful conviction, please use the proper legal channels such as the CCRC rather than trying to communicate directly with any of those involved in your case.

Yours sincerely


Geographic Commander, Malvern