27 March 2008

All charges dropped against Peter Hill

Back in November 2007 there was a flurry of media reports about an alleged Russian spy case, when the former Territorial Army soldier Peter Hill was arrested on Official Secrets Act charges. It quickly became clear that the arrest was based on entrapment, but at the time it looked like a spy trial would be the natural end to this case.

Although the arrest and early court appearance of Mr Hill brought a lot of media interest, the subsequent dropping of the charges has not attracted so much media attention, and I only just noticed a report about it today. Perhaps this is because it is now apparent that the entrapment was not justified, and that this is yet another goof by members of our Security Service MI5.

Details of the case being dropped are published on the BBC website, as well as several press outlets such as the Yorkshire Post and Craven Herald. It is bad enough that MI5 tried to falsely entrap Peter Hill, but this corrupt action was made worse when the Crown Prosecution Service tried to mount a prosecution against him. I am currently preparing a complaint against the CPS in my own case, and it seems that CPS staff have no scruples when it comes to forcing through dodgy cases. The phrase “perverting the course of justice” comes to mind when referring to the fabrication of evidence, and the CPS are very good at this practice.