16 June 2011

Joanne Fraill - who is in contempt of Court?

Joanne Fraill has been sentenced to 8 months in prison for contempt of Court, by discussing the case in which she was a juror on FaceBook. How very noble and authoritarian it is for the judge to show no mercy to a woman such as this - what an example it makes to others that they must obey the rules and not flout the Law of the land!

But does this case not also demonstrate the traditional British hypocrisy that exists in our Establishment - how a judge will quite happily chastise the weak, while the strong go unpunished?

I commented in my last post about the case involving Mark Kennedy, in which the CPS deliberately concealed evidence in order to gain a conviction. What does that case say about the respect shown by the Crown Prosecution Service for the Judicial System?

I believe the Kennedy case demonstrated a blatant institutionalized contempt of Court, far more insidious than anything Joanne Fraill may have been guilty of. But will heads role at the CPS over the Kennedy case? Will anybody go to prison for that contempt of Court? I doubt it very much, because these guys probably went to the same public school, or meet in the same Lodge with their trousers leg rolled up. It is another world when you are on that side of the fence!

I have often complained that evidence was falsified at my own trial - I call that perverting the course of Justice, but the CPS were again responsible for that abuse. I accuse the CPS of contempt of Court for deliberately placing a false case before the jury, knowing that this would lead to my conviction. Luckily I have the ability to analysis what they did and have discovered the false evidence by my own efforts. To the discredit of the CPS - they have never acknowledged that they did anything wrong. Nobody will face charges for lying in Court or concealing evidence in my case. The CPS's unprofessional acts are ignored, and the evidence brushed under the carpet.

The CPS is further implicated in presenting false evidence to the jury in the trial of Daniel James. In trying to help Daniel I published parts of important witness statements, from witnesses that the Prosecution would not be calling because they would assist the Defence case. Shortly after this act I was warned that I was in contempt of Court, and that both I and Daniel could be prosecuted. Apparently my publication of these witness statements was put to the judge in the case. However, I stood firm and decided not to remove the post from my blog, and it is still there to this day.

Why do you think I was not prosecuted for contempt of Court? I can only conclude that raising this issue would have brought the whole basis for the case against Daniel into the open. I would certainly have used in my Defence that Daniel was being unfairly tried, and this would have raised serious doubts about the evidence against him. Also, the way Daniel was being tried in a Civilian Court, when he had requested a Court Martial.

Just as I always thought, "Justice" is manipulated to support those with the power in our country. The small guy only wins when he has the evidence to embarrass the wig wearing class of judges and barristers.