18 February 2009

Complaint against West Mercia Police

I felt that I had to make a formal complaint against West Mercia Police following my false arrest on 5 November 2008, which was as a result of action by Professor Meirion Francis Lewis. It was clear that Mr Lewis was attempting to stop me revealing that he had given false evidence at my trial in 1993, although I have the proof that demonstrates that he was plainly wrong.

This is the e-mail I have just sent to West Mercia Police:

From: Michael John Smith
To: professionalstandards.hq@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
Cc: Mr Paul West (Chief Constable), Mr James Duddridge MP
Subject: Complaint against West Mercia Police

Dear Sirs,

I wish to make a complaint against West Mercia Police for their handling of a case in which I was arrested and questioned under The Protection From Harassment Act 1997.

I had already been in contact with your Chief Constable in July 2008 regarding action I had taken concerning Mr Meirion Francis Lewis, and I had made him aware that I was trying to persuade Mr Lewis to tell the truth about the false evidence he gave at my trial in 1993.

In order to protect himself from being investigated for a crime, Mr Lewis went to Malvern Police Station and claimed that I was harassing him, which was not true. Effectively Mr Lewis has wasted the time of two separate Police Forces, and made false allegations against me. I was released from my local Police Station without charge on 5 November 2008.

An issue that quickly became obvious, as soon as I discussed the matter with the local Police, was that West Mercia Police had sent an incomplete dossier of documents to the local Police, which did not include my correspondence with the Chief Constable.

I ask you to please:

(1) Investigate the cicumstances that led to my arrest, when no threats or false accusations had been made by myself against Mr Lewis.

(2) Explain why West Mercia Police sent an incomplete dossier to the local Police, which effectively caused my arrest.

(3) Issue a written warning to Mr Lewis not to waste Police time in future.

(4) Remove my DNA from the Police database, because it was obtained as a result of a false interpretation of events given by Mr Lewis to Malvern Police.

Yours faithfully,
Michael John Smith