22 September 2012

Stuart Hyde Chief Constable misconduct allegations

Stuart Hyde has been accused of misconduct. Tony Holland was unhappy about the way Hyde dealt with his CCRC (Criminal Case Review Commission) application. Below are some of the documents that reveal anomalies in his case:

Excerpt from CCRC Application

Appeal Judgement p.1

Appeal Judgement p.2

Appeal Judgement p.3

Letter from Deputy Chief Constable Sampson

This topic is being discussed on UK Legal here.

Further documents have been added relating to the involvement of Home Secretary David Waddington referred to on UK Legal:

Robert Fordham letter 3 May 1991 p.1

Robert Fordham letter 3 May 1991 p.2

Robert Fordham letter 3 May 1991 p.3

Dr D. J. Werrett letter 18 August 1993