04 December 2006

Secret components exhibited at Michael John Smith trial


  1. Anonymous6:05 PM

    \How the fuck can these be secret components that you handed over to the fucking Russians if they are exhibits in your court case.

    Seems to me youve been a victim of an eloborate entrapment process by MI5 and you handed over this stuff to one of there guys in return for money.

  2. These were just some old and reject components sitting around near my desk at work. I never considered them to be "sensitive" or "secret" or even useful to "Russians" or "enemies of the state".

    These components were something the police found at my home and they encouraged the then Director of the Hirst Research Centre, Mr Stephen Langford Cundy, to give evidence that they were of great importance to the nation.

    The prosecution had them mounted on this blue background to make them look like an attractive piece of abstract art, and to persuade the jury that there was something very secret within the design of these items.

    You are right that the components were never handed over to anyone, but that was twisted by the prosecution into an argument that I was intending to hand them over and that the police caught me before I had the chance to give them to my "Russian controller". It was a pretty sick thing to argue, particularly as I considered these components to be only scrap value, and just some souvenirs from my time at HRC.