13 July 2011

Corrupt Cop Detective Chief Superintendent Malcolm McLeod

Malcolm McLeod may present himself as an honest policeman, apparently now retired on a good pension, but the way he behaved in my case is thoroughly despicable. McLeod not only lied during his Police interviews following my arrest, but he was quite happy to present false evidence to the Court at my trial. I hope he ducked as he was swearing his oath, to avoid the bolts of lightning!

What false evidence did Malcolm McLeod produce? Well, for start he knew quite well that the so-called "ALARM" missile document was not only an obsolete document 8 years before I was arrested, but he deliberately engineered his Police investigation so that none of the 16 engineers listed on the circulation of that document were interviewed or called as witnesses to my trial. That document was presented as the main evidence against me. So, why do such a thing - unless you know that if these 16 people were called to give testimony then that will demolish your case? You dirty rat McLeod - you are just some trumped up loser - John Symonds told me how Special Branch officers are regarded as police who failed to make successful careers elsewhere.

McLeod also made the claim that I was given money from the KGB - listed elsewhere on my blog. McLeod gave personal testimony (under oath) in Court that he didn't have a clue where that money came from. Yet we had all the bank details that confirmed the dates, and from which banks that money had been withdrawn from. Well, the indications are that the money was issued from MI5 accounts, to implicate me in this sordid stitch-up! Why don't you come clean McLeod and just tell us what you know. The truth and nothing but the truth.

Leaks were made by the Police to the press to damage my defence case, and you know full well that the Sun and the Sunday Times were there ready to print the stories you wanted to get out into the public domain. With the recent evidence we have that News International was full of corruption, I can quite understand that there were bribes there waiting for you from Rupert Murdoch, or one of his cronies!

You also fabricated that false story about my tourist map, which I saved from my holiday in Oporto - you said it was linked to some invented KGB operation. Have you ever heard of any other KGB operation in Oporto? That story bears no relation to the later Mitrokhin Archive report, which I presume you were referring to, which talks about an operation in Lisbon some 200 miles down the coast, about 2 years later? So were you lying, or was Mitrokhin lying? I don't see why it is up to me to decide who is telling the truth there!

It was you, McLeod, who was involved in making that bogus telephone call to my home on the morning of my arrest. So if the name "Viktor" was the key name in your case against me, then why did you not produce the proof that this "Viktor" was in fact "Viktor Oshchenko". You never produced any evidence at my trial who this Viktor was? You heard Stella Rimington tell the Court, under oath, that MI5 had no evidence linking me with Oshchenko, so why did you make the claims you did - without proof! What a corrupt cop you really are! I hope you rot in hell !!!


  1. Gordon Logan6:38 PM

    It is significant that there was collusion between the Sun and the Sunday Times on the one hand, and MI5 on the other. These two Murdoch newspapers were therefore close to MI5. This goes a long way to explaining why Murdoch allowed his journalists to use MI5 methods such as bugging, hacking and disinformation. He clearly thought that because of his close ties to the spooks, he could get away with using their methods.

  2. Gordon, these organisations are all in bed with each other. News International is clearly a corrupt organisation, which is very willing to bribe whatever cops or MI5 personnel are willing to take their bait. Let's hope these people all get prosecuted for being corrupt!

  3. David CONNER12:16 AM

    I hope he rots in hell as well

  4. Gordon Logan9:52 PM

    Murdoch no doubt also works for Mossad. That would give him a feeling of total invulnerability, since Mossad and the Rothschild nexus are behind all the high profile political murders in Britain: Diana (she wanted to be the Queen of Hearts of the children of Gaza), Robin Cook, David Kelly and Gareth Williams (zipping up his body in a bag was an act of pure Jewish contempt for MI6). But then Sawers, like Scarlett and Dearlove before him, are like Tony Blair. They only know one position - bending over.

  5. Gordon Logan10:07 PM

    Incidentally, the Rothschild nexus is also behind Litvinenko and the 7/7 bombings. There is now way the Russians would have killed Litvinenko with polonium. I see that Tony Farrell, a police intel analyst, has finally figured out 7/7 was an inside job. But it took him 5 years. God help us all. He should have asked any Paki in the street.

  6. You should read my book Counter Spy by Simon Tomlin on Amazon UK. Full details of links between spooks, police and newspapers, not just News International...