19 June 2012

Julian Assange - Ecuador & secrets - USA military laws

Julian Assange has finally made a move to protect himself from being sent to the USA, where it was expected that he would face a trial for revealing embarrassing USA secrets. We all know that the sex case in Sweden was merely a pretext to get Assange extradited to the USA, where he was expected to face the far more serious charges of publishing classified military documents.

Why should anybody be surprised at the this new situation? From Day 1 it was always the case that the USA wanted Assange to be sent to the USA - the dream situation was for Assange to stand alongside Bradley Manning, with both facing trial, and life sentences offered as the inevitable punishment.

Why should we be worried about this new development? It is important, because Julian Assange represents a group of people prepared to whistle-blow against the criminal behaviour by the USA and other Western countries. These Western countries are fearful that their control over global resources is being weakened, and that they are being marginalised in the world's carving up of available oil, minerals and commodities.

London Olympics - Tim Summers on war protest, riots & demonstration - Green Left

Tim Summers (of the Green Party) gave an interview to the Voice of Russia radio station, published 18 June 2012 on their website. The subject concentrated on the 2012 London Olympics, and it revealed the shocking facts that London has become a war zone for the duration of the games. Check Tim Summers website here for more news.

John Robles, the interviewer states that:
"UK police chiefs are expecting more riots during the Olympics. There is large military personnel stationed in London. And still the media do not wish to dwell on why London must become a war zone."

Below is the interview as broadcast ...

This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Tim Summers – a political activist and the former national campaign’s officer of the Green Party of England and Wales in the UK. He is also a former political cartoonist.

Hello Tim! How are you today?

I’m very well, thank you John.

It’s a pleasure to be speaking with you. What can you comment about skewed coverage by the BBC and British media regarding unrest in the country and in particular about the riots of last year?

Well, rather grim news about that, really John. The riots started early August last year in Tottenham North London, when the local word spread of the shooting by police of a young unarmed black man, Mark Duggan, on the 4th of August. And even today as I speak the 31 police involved, including the gunman, are
refusing interview with the so-called Independent Police Complaints Commission. And the media have largely ignored that whole origin of the August riots. The Independent Police Complaints Commission is already a notorious cover-up stooge organization, regarding its cover up of the murder by police of Jean Charles de Menezes.

So, when 31 police refuse an interview with the IPCC it really does not look good for them, and particularly when riots are expected again this summer. Last August, it broke out from London, it spread all over London and then all across England, in odd places. It was the affluent market towns, so-called -
Croydon that was worst hit - and riots became arson and looting as they tend to. But this was followed, not with a careful examination, but a huge crackdown and very heavy jailing sentences to create a sort of moral panic by the Government and by the media, and in tandem.

And that the causes, which I think I’ll go into, have not been addressed. Several weeks ago
six rioters in Aston, Birmingham, had shot handguns at police and were jailed for a total of 124 years, that’s over 20 years each. That’s a measure of how serious the riots were, and how serious the sentencing is. But, instead of asking the obvious political and economic questions, a huge sycophantic media coverage of the monarch’s Diamond Jubilee party a fortnight ago, or coverage of this great sensational Olympics showcase, diverts the masses consciously from all kinds of questions of social policy.

Unemployment for example is up,
particularly regarding youth and black people. The gap between rich and poor has widened, and continued to widen for years. Private rents, house prices go up, wages stay static, the Government’s austerity cuts (20% of them so far) have removed grants to sixth-formers, capped housing benefit, cut mental health services, huge amounts of public sector jobs, cut social housing. All this is causing very, very deep grief beneath the surface, not reflected in the corporate media’s reporting. Particularly the relations between youth and police continue to deteriorate. Many young people hate the police because police are the interface, the only interface, between them and Government that they ever come across. And there's increased complaints of police racism, currently twelve are being investigated. Homelessness has risen by 30% just during the first three months of this year.

So, it's becoming very, very harsh social conditions. Therefore, the police chiefs are expecting more riots during the Olympics. They are stationing a huge national police force in London throughout the Olympics. But the
Olympics charter, of the unelected International Olympics Committee, declares no kind of demonstration, or political or religious propaganda is permitted in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas. But what are these other areas - the media won’t tell us? This is a recipe for absolute chaos.

The London Olympics has deliberately gone out to invite the sponsorship of major corporations – McDonald’s, Coca Cola and even Dow Chemicals, whose chemical pollution caused 25,000 deaths
in Bhopal in 1984. And now Dow Chemicals are making drapes for the Olympic Stadium, and there's a ban on demonstrations. This is really absurd. Protests are inevitable, and already planned. So, police have stockpiled 10,000 plastic bullets ready for their first use in London. The mass media and the corporations are related, and allied to British Governments. This is coming out every week in the Leveson Inquiry, where Rupert Murdoch’s News International Corporation is being shown, exposed for its links with Governments and its direct influences.

Are they similar to the BBC, I mean Murdoch’s coverage, was it in line with the BBC coverage in the country?

Well, Murdoch’s line is even more harsh, particularly in terms of warmongering, like the Iraq War. He really tells governments what to do. And the BBC hasn’t been so exposed yet, but there's something really bland about the BBC, the way it just blanks out all the important questions and just gives you daily acreage of very, sort of, sycophantic coverage.

They won’t tell you why the London Olympics has become a war zone, why there are 3,500 military personnel stationed in London over the Olympics, snipers in helicopters. Listen to this –
six ground-to-air anti-aircraft missile bases around London. Typhoon jet fighter planes at Northolt Airbase. An unknown force of American armed paramilitaries will be roaming London, plus 10,400 G4S Private Security Guards, 3,000 student stewards, a Royal Navy battleship packed with marines moored in London's Pool, 8,000 volunteer assistants raised by Mayor Boris Johnson. And still the media do not wish to dwell on why London must become a war zone.

And why is that?

Well, I think we must assume that some retaliation for Britain’s recent resource wars, and war crimes, is imminent but that could mean Afghanistan, or Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Uganda and recently Britain supplied arms to Syria, via Saudi Arabia and Qatar. That’s eight possible retaliations I've listed, but you won't find them listed in the corporate media in Britain, which, as I say, is so absolutely in bed with Governments.

So, if you add all this together – you add the riots, the war retaliations, as expected, the protests, the war zone, add to that 11 million extra visitors. Many of London's main roads being
closed as VIP lanes, overloaded public transport, all for the huge over heated, vainglorious, unsustainable spectacle, and you have one thing - Apocalympics - signifying and showcasing the whole global decline of the Western powers. Please take my warning because you won’t find it in Britain's media.

Alright! Thank you very much Tim for agreeing to speak with me.

It’s really been my pleasure, any time John.

Ok, thank you Sir. We appreciate it.

You were listening to an interview with Tim Summers – the former national campaign’s officer with the Green Party of England and Wales in the UK and a former political cartoonist and a political activist.