27 May 2012

Michael McFaul accused by John Robles on behalf of Voice of Russia

John Robles has exposed the double game that Michael McFaul has been playing since he arrived in Moscow in January as the US Ambassador. Below is John's article on the VOR site:
John Anthony Robles - presenter on Voice of Russia

The latest escapade of US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, the “Ambassador Provocateur”, as some are calling him, seems to be that of an individual desperately trying to stay relevant and still seemingly unable to believe that there are in fact many countries, people and forces all over the world that do not particularly love the United States of America and that can form opinions, choose governments and alliances without first getting the go-ahead from Washington.

On Friday, May 25th, in his arrogant, in-your-face, provocative style of “diplomacy” something that any true diplomat would say his arsenal is in reality lacking, McFaul addressed students at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and said, " I will not be diplomatic. Your country bribed Kyrgyzstan so they would throw the Americans out of Manas."

During his speech he also made a statement that, had it been made by any other diplomatic official from any other country, would have him or her packing their bags and heading home on the next flight out. McFaul admitted, openly and in a public forum that the U.S. Government had attempted to bribe the leadership of Kyrgyzstan but did not offer the specific names of the officials who the U.S. attempted to bribe. Apparently it is okay for a U.S. official to admit that the U.S. Government corrupts officials of other countries and uses bribery as one of its instruments overseas. Even if this was a well known fact, perhaps someone should tell McFaul it is not acceptable nor is it legal. Even for the U.S.

During the speech he also did not offer any proof or evidence to back up his claim against the Russian Federation or the Russian Government but his statements have once again made headlines and he has the media attention he so desperately seems to be craving. As with his meetings with the opposition and many of his previous statements, it seems the “ambassador” is desperately trying to tarnish the image of the credibility of the government of the Russian Federation; one of the precepts and key actions needed to bring about a “color” revolution. Color Revolutions are something the “ambassador” is an expert in and one reason he was chosen to be posted in Russia, this is also a very important fact no one should forget.

According to the U.S. ambassador, the negotiations were going on with the former president of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiyev and he was the official that the U.S. had attempted to bribe. Due to the fact that he refused American advances a color revolution was arranged and Bakiev was ousted in April 2010. Sadly for McFaul, as he seems to be so concerned with the issue, the problem of Kyrgyzstan hosting a U.S. military base was still not solved and the military base at Manas Airport was changed into a Transit Center.

In February of this year, unfortunately for the U.S., President Atambaeva of Kyrgyzstan was also not able to be swayed and has officially stated that from June 2014 no U.S. soldiers would be stationed at Manas Airport.

Capitalizing on the international sympathy and openness that existed after the events of September 11, 2001 in New York, the U.S. Air Force Transfer Center at Bishkek’s Manas International Airport was established in December 2001as part of Operation "Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan. According to official figures more than 1,500 American military and civilian personnel are deployed at Manas.

The current agreement will be in effect until the fall of 2014 at which time, as Kyrgyz President Atambaev has repeatedly underlined, the base will be closed.

In a related story, in March, the U.S. ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Pamela Spratlen was forced to promise that the transit center would also not be involved in any possible U.S. military operation against Iran.

In case the ambassador does not know, Kyrgyzstan has long been a strategic partner to Russia and Russia also uses a number of military bases in Kyrgyzstan. It is more realistic to believe that it is in the interests of mutual security and diplomacy that the base at Manas is being closed, and not because of a bribe. Maybe the American should finally realize that not everyone can be bought or intimidated. The Russian Federation and Kyrgyzstan even have an agreement on the presence of military aircraft in Kyrgyzstan for 49 years.

While the Ambassador is so openly admitting to the attempted bribing by the U.S. Government of the president of a sovereign nation, perhaps he can fill us in on the exact nature and amounts of the payments that the Russian “Opposition” received from the U.S. Embassy during their “secret, closed-door-meetings” before Russia’s last presidential elections in which he met with such people as deputies from the Just Russia Party Oksana Dmitrieva and Ilya Ponomarev, Vladimir Ryzhkov and Boris Nemtsov from the unregistered party PARNAS, and the Chairman of the Yabloko Party Sergei Mitrokhin.

If McFaul is really so worried about bribes and influence peddling perhaps he can give a talk on the U.S. buying of regimes worldwide and the arranging of color revolutions when they are not buyable and on the million other ways the U.S. influences and destroys the sovereignty of the world’s nations and peoples.

Maybe while he is being so open and honest he can tell us about how the US deals with people and organizations that it deems are working against the interests of the US, such as reporters, activists and protesters?

A key precept and condition for laying the foundation for a color revolution in any country, and McFaul knows this better than any of us, is placing ideas of doubt and/or the questionability of the legitimacy of the ruling government into the minds of the population. Once those seeds are planted they need to be nurtured and spread.

In my opinion, looking at his track record and everything that he has done so far, that is exactly what McFaul has been doing since he has been in Russia; planting seeds of doubt and attempting to sow instability, in other words “sedition”.

Have a nice day, wherever you may be.

Information from ITAR-TASS, RIA-Novosti, VOR, Regnum, and RBC used in this piece.