17 December 2011

Bradley Manning - torture victim of the USA Military Complex

Bradley Manning is the victim in this case - and a victim of torture - don't have any delusions about that. How could a low ranking soldier in the US services be such a source of damaging leaks? It is only possible because the USA has something to hide.

We have seen, in the past couple of days, that various people have made their views known. These people are declaring that Bradley is "guilty", even before the trial is completed. This tells me something - that agents of the US government are sending out signals that Bradley must be found "guilty" - so that a warning goes to anybody else contemplating "leaking" details to the media.

We must take the position, because this is the way Justice works, that Bradley is presumed innocent, and that he has the right to a fair trial. So why is there such an attack on Bradley, as his trial starts?

If Bradley did do what he is charged with, and he did leak information about what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, then he deserves a medal for exposing the war crimes that the USA were responsible for.

The key feature that emerges is that the US government were very embarrassed for the truth to be known, about what they were doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is the usual reason behind most of these type of cases. Politicians are inevitably embarrassed when are caught out doing some illegal or "dirty" action.

We often hear the phrase: "God bless America", but I think we should be saying "God bless Bradley Manning", for being a guy who was prepared to expose the crimes that the USA thought they could cover up.