24 November 2011

Tim Summers, Green Party campaigner talks about Occupy Movement

Tim Summers, political activist and campaigner for the British Green Party of England and Wales, has spoken out about the anti-capitalist Occupy Movements spreading around the world.

Tim Summers Green Party Campaigner

Tim gives his analysis of the causes that led to this movement and gives his opinion about where it is heading: "A lot of the comforts of the rich countries in the post-war period are now grinding to a halt. That’s why so many people are getting angry and calling themselves “99%."

Tim places the blame for the current situation on Capitalism, which he describes as a "rotten parasitic system that is addicted to oil and constant war" and puts forward his red-green political viewpoint - "Capitalism can’t take a position in its board rooms for zero growth, as any ecologist will spell out to you is necessary. It has to go on plundering the Earth’s resources for its profitability. It is an out-of-date system. It’s going into complete crisis and meltdown."

It seems certain that the Occupy Movement will continue to grow, and we can expect to see more demands for a resolution of the injustice we see in our society.

Tim has a website Red Green Revolution.

NOTE: Tim Summers gives another interview to Voice of Russia on 13 December, when he updates the information about the London occupation, and also talks about the ecological crisis in relation to the current economic system.