17 July 2011

Corrupt Cop Sir Paul Stephenson resigns

Sir Paul Stephenson resigned tonight. Only a few hours earlier Rebekah Brooks was arrested, and she also resigned on Friday, due to the impending legal threats she faces.

These are all clues about what is going on behind the scenes. It was asked on the BBC 24 Hours News channel today - why would the Police arrest Brooks today, when she was about to face an important meeting with MPs at the Select Committee on Tuesday? Brooks' arrest will prevent her talking openly to those MPs.

This is apparently confusing, but a little bit of analysis seems to indicate that the Police are trying to gain an advantage by out-manoeuvring the politicians, and putting pressure on Brooks not to talk to the MPs on Tuesday.

Clearly, the Police have the most credibility to lose in this saga. It was the Police who were alleged to have been taking bribes from News International, and it was the Police who failed to properly investigate the phone hacking and Police bribery allegations.

I think it will ultimately be revealed that Paul Stephenson had to resign to avoid being accused of incompetence, or worse. Stephenson will have to answer the accusations that he was too close to certain News International executives, and that this finally influenced the Police's failure to carry out the job that they were expected to do.