22 May 2011

Ryan Giggs & Imogen Thomas super-injunction nonsense

Ryan Giggs may have had an affair with Imogen Thomas, but who really cares?

The main issue coming out of this "affair" is that the judges think they can stifle debate and free speech. Judges must be living in another world if they think they can order us about like fools.

I was told that I would face contempt of Court proceedings for publishing witness statements from the Daniel James case. Those statements are still on my blog nearly 3 years later, and I have faced no charges whatsoever because of publishing them.

This is where you can sort the men from the boys. If we have the truth on our side then just go out and say it like it is. Do not let some judge (they all go to public schools you know) tell you that you cannot talk about the truth.

In fact, it would be a great opportunity if these judges do take some of us to Court. Then we can tell them how certain barristers have lied in Court - how they put witnesses into the Witness Box who were prepared to lie under oath - and why will they not give us a chance to say what we know before an honourable judge.

Unfortunately the judges and the judiciary are shit-scared of the truth being revealed. But I am here waiting for the call, and please let me have my day in Court.