26 November 2009

Gary McKinnon hacked into US Defense computers and may spend the rest of his life in jail

Gary McKinnon may spend the rest of his life in prison because Home Secretary Alan Johnson has decided that it will not breach his human rights to send him to the USA to face trial. This is yet another example of how the British Government will acquiesce with the demands made on it by the US Government. How can this out-of-proportion response, to such a minor case, be dealt with by such powerful and damaging methods to the life of a man who poses no threat to the USA?

Gary McKinnon the man accused of damaging Department of Defense computers

This is a shameful case, and Britain's Home Office should feel ashamed, as they must feel embarrassed over the ongoing Iraq Inquiry - currently revealing how the British Government are more prepared to commit war crimes in the service of the USA than they are to protect their own citizens. Life has a funny way of showing us how we made mistakes in the past, and Tony Blair should be worried about those lies he told to Parliament before the Iraq War started.