12 August 2009

Who is Yura Solagub?

Yura Solagub is a Ukrainian born national who lived in the USA for a few years. He spent several years living in the US before showing up out of nowhere in Malahovka (Russia) where he arranged a fictitious marriage and obtained Russian citizenship within a few weeks of his arrival.

Solagub began to work for the local Lubertsy Mafia, headed by a retired Police General, and he has been engaged in a slander campaign against one of the employees of a company he took over - after the said employee sued him for 600,000 Roubles.

Stay away from this guy, because he is a con-man, and watch out for him if you go to Moscow to learn Russian, or you could lose your money.

Is this guy employed by the CIA?

Yura Solagub - Mafia con-man?