03 June 2009

US soldiers use rape as an advanced interrogation technique

The Russian website JAR2 has published some exclusive photographs of US soldiers raping a defenceless Iraqi woman. The worst aspect of this is that the authorities have denied that this rape even took place - The Pentagon, and President Obama are denying this sort of thing ever happened.

This is a most disgusting event, and the sort of thing that brings shame to the way that soldiers can behave in a war situation.
It has been claimed that many other women have been raped in this way, and that boys have also been raped. I understand that a Freedom of Information request has been set in motion to flush out the details of what happened here. Let us hope that this will be resolved quickly and charges brought against the soldiers involved.

We have heard recently about the human rights of soldiers during times of war, but the people who most need the protection of the law are the innocent civilian population, as for example the woman in these photographs.