07 December 2009

Professor Christopher Andrew - a Parkinson's mover & shaker

Professor Christopher Andrew has just appeared on ITV in a programme about Inside MI5: The Real Spooks. I couldn't help noticing the way that Christopher Andrew was shaking ... or trembling.

Was it fear that he knew he was lying about what he had read in MI5 files? Was he scared that his research and book The Defence of the Realm was a pack of lies? Or is his brain finally falling apart as a result of Parkinson's disease? What a bullshitter and official supporter Christopher Andrew is for the likes of MI5 and MI6. Andrew is nothing more than a paid liar - a prostitute - a compiler of compendiums for the powers that rule us from above.

How much money have the British Public paid to produce a programme designed to deceive like this one?

Professor Christopher Andrew with another arsehole parrot amongst parrots


  1. There should be one of these The support group is open to individuals with Parkinson disease and their care partners and family members in every state.

  2. Parkinson's disease is a serious problem for the sufferer and their family. It is something which I hope will be eventually curable by our health care practitioners.