12 September 2009

Ockendon Courts County Secondary School

Ockendon Courts County Secondary School was where I completed my secondary school education between 1960 to 1967. It was a quite remarkable school in many ways, which was in part due to the vision of the headmaster Mr W. S. Larwood, and other members of staff such as Mr Reuben (Ben) Cohen and Mr Peter Green.

Where would we be without schools such as Ockendon Courts? This was one of the great places on earth, and it is now gone. Long live Ockendon Courts!!!

I remember that there were occasional football or basketball matches with the pupils from nearby Ardale School in North Stifford. The headmaster at Ardale School at that time was Mr Shaw, and his beautiful daughter Sonja Shaw later became the legend Sonja Kristina, who still performs with the group Curved Air and also with Martin Ayres as Mask, and on MySpace.


  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Absolutely! I was there a little before your time. I think I left in 1958 but I remember Mr Larwood whose daughter I think gained 9 'O' levels which was probably unheard of in those days. Peter Green was our drama teacher and I also knew his brother, Dave, who used to have some connection with Essex Beagles athletics club. I can't remember Mr Reuben. KP

  2. Anonymous8:30 AM

    i remember courts school but cant remember where it was.what road was it in

    1. The school's main entrance was in Fulbrook Lane, but there was a second entrance in Garron Lane where the canteen was located.