16 January 2009

Gaza resists, while Israel claims victory over Hamas

*** Update - see below

Hamas rockets are a controversial subject, and I have had to make changes to this post because several of my readers have misunderstood what I am trying to say here. Perhaps it is because I used irony and sarcasm to make a point - a common technique here in the UK - but unfortunately those whose first language is not English have not really understood the point I was making.

I do not support either Hamas or the Israeli side in this conflict, but I stand for humanity and justice and I am against a cruel war that will not help the ordinary people in the area. Anybody with any knowledge of history knows that the land we now call Israel was a land stolen from the people who lived there in the 1940s. The "Israelis" used terrorism to win their cause and the land. Don't lie about about that, because it is the truth.

In the years 2000-2008 I believe that no more than 20 Israelis were killed by Hamas rockets. Killing people is not a good thing in my mind, and 20 dead Israelis is nothing to celebrate. But then I did some research, and I found that in the 36 months between May 2006 and April 2009 the official Israeli statistics show that 1164 Israelis died in road accidents, which is an average of over 32 a month. So more Israelis die every month in road accidents than died as a result of over 8 years from Hamas rocket attacks. An interesting comparison I think.

These sort of statistics are important, as it puts into perspective why the Israelis thought it necessary to kill over a 1000 citizens of Gaza in retaliation for those 20 dead Israelis. The children and other civilians who died in Gaza were a high price to pay for the collective punishment that the Israelis used against the Palestinian people.

Hundreds of Israeli children did not die as a result of Hamas rockets, but it seems that hundreds of children in Gaza had to die to satisfy the blood-lust of Israeli revenge.

Do the people of Israel believe this a Hamas terrorist?

Why did Israel kill this child?

Did you think this was a Hamas fighter Israel?

A doctor tries to save another victim of Israeli terror

Is this the face of a Hamas terrorist to Israel?

Did this child pose a threat to Israel?

Does brave Israel rejoice because they kill children?

Update 30 November 2012
Yesterday the Palestinians came a step closer to establishing an independent country to live in, and hopefully remove the endless cycle of hostility they have suffered from the Israeli state. The United Nations have finally recognised the Palestinian's wish for their country to be internationally recognised. This is an important step towards a solution for this 65 year-old dispute, and a reason for the Palestinians to celebrate.

But rather than feeling good that we are on the way towards a peaceful end to conflict, why does the USA vote against this small step on the road towards a Palestinian state, and the UK abstained? The world can now see clearly, that far from wanting a peaceful settlement to their conflict with the Palestinians, Israel wants to continue in this war-like situation indefinitely. Possibly it is Israel's long-term hope, that if they can grind down Palestinian resistance, then Israel will eventually gain the whole of the land area that was Palestine before 1947? Let us hope that both sides can sit around a table and thrash out the best solution for the future.


  1. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Bush said it was all just a comma, I suppose he might call that the period to his genocidal onslaught on humanity. How many more terrorists have they created? How many babies have the cowards slaughtered? When are courageous men who can sit down and work out their differences in a peaceful fashion going to be in power? Barbaric. What is the difference between them and the Nazis?

  2. Anonymous10:07 PM

    dude those pictures broke my heart

  3. Anonymous8:33 PM

    proof that there is no victory in war...

  4. THINK !!!

    They are your child !!!

    Your Blood and your moter Crying... you are hold, your own Kids.

  5. It is disgusting what Israel did to defenceless children and other civilians in Gaza earlier this year. I hope the guilty people will be prosecuted for war crimes.

  6. semoga Allah melaknatmu michael john smith.... anjing fucking.....

  7. I don't like to look at these photos either, but this is the truth of what Israel has done against the Palestinian people.

    Israeli propaganda claims that they are fighting against Hamas terrorists, but these photos prove that it is civilians and innocent children who are the real targets of Israeli aggression.

    The Israelis used terrorism to steal the land from the Palestinians in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, and now they blame the Palestinians for trying to get justice!

    1. Anonymous1:14 AM

      These photos don't prove anything that you just said.

      It is a fact that Hamas is a terror organization, and that their strategy to get the world's support (which is used to build more terror - another historical fact) is through endangering their own people. The UN found rockets in schools, and UNWRA has just admitted that the school that was hit was fired by a Hamas bomb.

      Google IDF / Israel, and tell me if you see a culture that would deliberately target civilians? When have you heard about an Israeli terror?

      As for your control of middle east history, please return to your sources again sir. There was no such thing as Palestinians. They were immigrants from all over the world, just as the Jews, and no land was taken. It was the entire Arab world that tried to diminish Israel numerous times, just for being Jews and because the Arab world wants the middle east for themselves. The UN has approved to partition the land back in 47 and establish 2 states, but the Arabs didn't want to!

  8. Anonymous4:38 PM

    wow you guys are a bunch of idiots arent ya?
    it doesnt matter to israel how many kids actually get killed from hamas rockets, it's the fact that there are rockets being shot at them.
    maybe if hama didnt use kids as shields or scouts then they wouldnt have died

  9. Anonymous1:43 PM

    NAB From The U.S.A. Jesus died for us all no matter where we live and I am sure Jesus is weeping over all the children and creed is not an issue with him he loves all the children in the world. These photos make me ill GOD help all of us in the name of Jesus!

  10. Anonymous6:11 PM

    The war was launched to stop eight years of incessant rocketfire into Israel from Gaza. Yes all had the intent on killing Israelis. Wanker.

  11. So how many Israelis died because of those rockets Mr Anonymous? The Israeli armed forces made Gaza pay for those Israelis with about 1,300 Palestinian lives - was that a fair price to pay?

  12. http://daledamos.blogspot.com/2006/08/123-israeli-children-killed-by.html

    The difference is -- The Iaraeli's don't target woman and children, Arab terrorists do.


    Blame Hamas, Iran Hizbolla, ect, ect.

  13. Anonymous6:33 PM

    this is rediculous!!! do people see these kids dying?! these kids have no reason to die!

  14. arief astro7:11 PM

    Astaghfirullah,,,,, semoga anak2 kecil yang ga' bersalah ini diterima disisi allah swt. Dan saya akan terus berdo'a semoga israel mendapatkan balasannya..........

  15. Anonymous1:28 PM

    how sad that all those children were killed

  16. I agree it is sad, very terribly tragic and sad. These children, and those like them, do not deserve to suffer in the way that they are forced to suffer. It doesn't matter to me whether children are Palestinian or Israeli - every child has a right to grow up without fear, to become the person who they are destined to become.

    Those responsible for prolonging the discrimination against the Palestinian People should be ashamed. It must be a priority to resolve the Middle-East problem in months rather than years.

  17. Anonymous4:55 PM

    life is fucked up people or fucked up

  18. Anonymous6:36 AM

    I am a poet working on a short videopoem about war and would like to use the above pictures in my piece. It would last maybe a 5 seconds maximum. This video is an art project. You will be credited. May I have your permission.

    Thank you
    Endre Farkas

  19. I did not take these photos, but I obtained them from somebody who published them on Facebook early in 2009. I understand that the desire of the photographer was to circulate these photos, and so I am sure that nobody will criticise you for using them in your video.

    You certainly have my permission if you need it, but you will find more such photos if you search on Facebook - for example if you search in Facebook for "Gaza photos" you will find groups offering these photos, such as this Facebook group:


    I wish you have success with your videopoem project, and I hope that it will help the cause of peace for the Palestinians.

  20. Anonymous11:41 AM

    @MJS your first comment on this was:
    It is disgusting what Israel did to defenceless children and other civilians in Gaza earlier this year. I hope the guilty people will be prosecuted for war crimes...
    * It should be: It is disgusting what Israhell are
    DOING to defenceless children ....

  21. benita arcas9:13 PM

    so easy to play with idiots emotions with photoshop..... from both sides of the fence... yuk, get out of the internet idiots!!!

  22. Anonymous7:04 PM

    And what makes you think there aren't a whole bunch of Israeli children killed by the collective terror of Palestinian factions? All this could end tomorrow with the Palestinians just saying two words "Peace treaty"

  23. Anonymous9:46 AM

    The funny thing about Israel is the lack of any true Israelis. They all seem to come from the USA, South Africa and many more but very few born and bred there.
    USA condones the war as Israel acts as a buffer between the muslim world and Europe. We are all too scared of loosing our presious ways of life to actually do more than say how we find these pictures saddening.

  24. Anonymous11:05 PM

    while yes it IS very sad that this is happening, it is not happening CONSTANTLY in the country. I was there last summer, and it was quite boring when you think of how often it doesn't occur. i do not deny that it has is and will happen, but Israel is actually a very pleasant country all in all. jus my opinion about tha country. but no, this does not happen 24/7. just sayin.

  25. Michael John Smith knows or may be just ignores history and tries to twist and manipulate facts!!!

    They are using photo's of people they themselves blew up and then said Iraeli's did it
    if Israel in fact would have done this, the world would erase Israel from its place

  26. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Michael John Smith does not know the history to say that the land we now call Israel was a land stolen from the people who lived there in the 1940s. ALSO USING THESE PICTURES OF POOR KIDS TO BLAME ISRAEL...

    1. Anonymous5:31 PM

      Sure. if someone comes to claim your house because their great great great grandmother used to stay there, dun blame them. just quietly walk out. k?

    2. Are you crazy! I never suggested that, because somebody's ancestor had lived in a house years ago, that this would give their descendant the right to go there and take it over.

      People have had their houses and their land stolen, and that is a totally different matter. In history this has happened many times, but we can't turn the clock back and revisit events 500 or 1000 years later.

      What I have been referring to is recent history, within the lifetimes of the victims, when Palestinians have been driven off their land and out of their houses, or had their land occupied by illegal Israeli settlements. These people should get their property back.

      This is a matter of common decency and human rights. I think the descendants of Jews, who had their property stolen by the Nazis in the 1930s and 40s, should also have that property returned. I expect you would not agree with me?

  27. Anonymous5:01 PM

    If Hamas didnt use kids as human shields, or as child mortars, these pictures wouldnt exit. Israel is being held at a double standard because as hamas fires rockets into Israel, at schools, parks, and public areas, people assume that Israel is in the wrong for retalliating by creating a blockade on Gaza or by sending aerial attacks onto specific hamas targets. Israel doesnt target schools or hospitals or any of the places that people say they do. When they attack Gaza, they are simply attacking the people that attacked them or, in some cases, the areas where hamas's rockets are coming from. The reason why these pictures exist is because hamas is willing to risk their childrens lives by using them as shields and mortyrs.
    עם ישראל חי

  28. Anonymous10:06 PM

    One of the Questions are, "Does brave Israel rejoice because they kill children?"

    No but its empirically observable that Arabs do. They celebrate their deaths as "shaheeds" or martyrs.

    The reason these children were killed is because Arab cowards use women and children as human shields. They shoot their Qasaam rockets from Mosques and schools.

    Oh BTW I'm neither Jewish or Muslim... We are all entitled to our own opinions but we are not entitled to our own facts.

  29. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Arab nations kicked out the Palestinians so that they could wipe out the Jews right after the Holocost. God helped them & those strong Arabs lost the land to the Jews. Now this is not fair? And they should be terrorized by the Palestinians who lost their land because Arabs want Jewish blood. Arabs hate the Jews & Christians and will not rest until all are killed or converted. They do this in accordance with their holy book. I do not see the Jews doing this or the Christians and killing is not in accordance with their holy book. So when Christians killed during the Inquisition they were going AGAINST what God told them. Jesus said "But I tell you love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who persecute you. In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike."
    Muslims on the other hand will take great pride in killing their daughters should they convert to Christianity. There are many Christian refugees from Muslim countries today who are in fear of their lives in their home towns. People come home and find the bodies of their friends/loved ones beheaded on the sidewalk for all to see because they are Christian. I do not see Muslims living under such terror in the US. Sorry if you are being racially profiled by the police but in case you didn't know the hijackers on 9/11 were middle-eastern muslim men. So who else should be profiling, blonde caucasian men? It is really outrageous how the muslim world wants special priviledges. They can come to the US build mosques, teach muslim tolerance in our schools yet these things would never happen for Christians or Jews in their country. I see that as very hypocritical and unrealistic and manipulative. The true intent of the muslims is clear when Arafat boldly stated after signing a treaty with Israel in 1994 that it was like the Treaty of Hudaybiya that their prophet Muhammed had made & broken in order to gain strength waiting for the right opportunity to break it and attack the Quraysh. They do not want peace. They just don't want to be attacked while they wait for an opportune time at which they can strike and obliterate the Jews. That is not peace. It is very cowardly of them to use their own civilians as shields and then exploit their deaths so that Israel gets pressure fromt he international world. Who wants to see children dead no matter what religion or nationality - what a shame. Shame on you who have caused this. P.S. I am neither a Jew or a Muslim. I am a Christian who knows that the only peace that mankind can have comes from God himself.

    1. Anonymous9:10 AM

      are you believing you are filled with peace ??? You are away from Phalestine miles away . when you are in your dublex homes they're all dying.İn iraq in afghaistan in phalestine jews and the american bastards are killing muslims.And you are telling our religion is peaceful.İ dont like terrorist and i m a muslim.And im proud of that.You made crusades pope lied to your people you killed arabs and you are telling us we are peaceful.You said jesus is the son of te god . You are such an idiot.i have respect to your religin but i dont have respect to you 1.000.000 people died for oil in iraq afganistan . and people killed burned muslims ast quraysh by 10 years!!!they suffered and dead.and you re learning wrong history.our prophet only fought by 3 hours!!!!!!! you killed civils and are you telling us we are using civilians as a shield.when they re walking to the market boom israel is attacking then people dies and hamas defends himself but you say Hamas is terrorist is that terrorism.you re going to iraq and getting all of the oils and then you say we brought there democracy . what a shame .accept this if our religion is a terrorist religion your religion is a WAR RELİGİON

  30. It is the socio-economic-political arrangements on the ground that need to be altered to resolve this conflict. Invoking "God", or quoting texts written by men a couple of thousand years ago, can have no real influence on the causes of the problem.

    Religion has always been used as an argument to divide and give justification for war and suffering. "God is on our side" is a typical mantra employed by the religious zealots. I believe that is why religion was invented to brainwash the mass of the population into accepting injustice.

    Religion may have been a useful tool in primitive tribal or medieval times, but in today's world it simply adds to the suspicions and prejudice that has been stirred up over the Middle East conflict.

  31. Anonymous7:13 AM

    mjs do you believe in god or Jesus? It is the reason for our existance. None of this land is ours. Its is gods and he allows us to use it. But if you loan someone something you expect they take care of it ... right? I am a child of god as you are... I live in america but I am not a proud american.. I am a proud child of god. And he will have his victory!

  32. Sorry Anonymous, I meant to put your post here before now, but I have been busy on other things.

    I don't believe in God. You assume that we all have your faith in this idea (perhaps written in the bible) that a group of men invented a couple of millennia ago to explain our world.

    What is God? A force-field, or a gaseous cloud? The concept means nothing to me. I certainly don't believe in some Father Christmas figure with a big bushy beard.

    If there is such a thing as "God", then why would this thing expect to be worshipped - or whatever is done around the world - by us puny specks of dust. Living is hard enough without loading more demands on us, and trying to make us feel guilty for not believing in a supernatural being.

    I understand that "Jesus Christ" was an historical figure, but then Billy Graham could have been a modern "Jesus", don't you think?

    Americans are the same as people everywhere. We all have responsibilities to protect our fragile eco-system, and preserve it for future generations. Greed and hatred against others makes nobody happy.

    Life in a harmonious society is good for us, and we should all try to help each other. That is the only true religion. Love thy neighbour is a saying that many religious people proclaim as their creed, but how few of them actually practise it!

  33. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Its funny how this page is showing all the bad things that Israel had done...But what about all the bombs that hit Israels schools and hospital?? There is none of that been shown on here...I do agree that it is not fare that these kids had to die but what about all the Israli kids that have died from Hamas attacks?

  34. Anonymous7:19 AM

    You people are so dumb. Just type "child terrorist" into google. These are the people you are supporting, using children as human shields so that they can use it in their propoganda war.

    They realise how STUPID the general public is and think "wow if we can get 1000 kids killed in Gaza on TV we can encourage support from a load of Britons/Americans who don't even realise we are supported by and have links with the same organisations/people that killed their friends and families in 7/7 and 9/11."

    That is how stupid you are. You're supporting terrorists who would also kill you in a second.

    Of course it is sad when children die, but you don't see the Israeli's celebrating it in the streets like the palestinians do.

    Also a few people have said arabs when they mean Palestinians. Be wary, they are very different. The arabs dont even want the palestinians which is why they are stuck in a hole in the bottom left of Israel and not living in the vast arab lands that surround it.

    Naive world.

  35. Anonymous5:11 PM

    wow you guys are a bunch of idiots arent ya?
    it doesnt matter to israel how many kids actually get killed from hamas rockets, it's the fact that there are rockets being shot at them.
    maybe if hama didnt use kids as shields or scouts then they wouldnt have died"

    this guy knows what is up. It has been proven that hamas and other terrorist organizations use women and children as sheilds. they set up in mosques, schools and hospitals so that there is no way to get them without having to sacrifice.

  36. I suppose it depends on what bunch of idiots you are referring to? Who started this conflict?

    In 1947 Israel didn't exist, but since that time Palestinians have left their land and homes and moved away - I wonder why? Is that normal for Palestinians to hand their land over to Israelis - most of whom appear to have immigrated there from other countries?

    In my opinion the Palestinians were forced from their homes by the violent actions of Israelis, whether by vigilante action or by state terrorism. This process has continued since 1947 up to the present day, with Israelis eating up yet more land by building settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

    Perhaps you believe that this is normal and acceptable behaviour by the Israelis since 1947? But when a population is forced to live in a smaller and smaller patch of land, I can quite understand why some Palestinians have decided that the only option is to fight back.

  37. Anonymous7:52 PM

    having just recently visited sderot and israel for the first time this past summer its hard to believe that these photos have any truth to them. I realize every nation has their bias.....but seeing the kasams laying being the police station, the bomb shelters, listening to the stories of this tiny town literally a stones throw away from gaza....its very sad to hear that people actually believe that the israelis would take pleasure in these deaths. I was fortunate enough to hear some very intelligent speakers on my trip....and it seems to me that the solution lies in the next generations ability to close the gap between the cultures. I feel that with facebook, and how small the world has become its up to the next generation to actually become aware of how similar we all are. how a simple truce could be the end. if Palestinians and arabs put their guns down there would be peace. If israel put their guns down.....there would be no israel. I am half israeli and full american. I have great close friends who are first generation palestinian, iranian, mexican, korean, japanese, etc. we get along great. not sure why the rest of the world cant pull that off.....ive traveled a few times and as americans we always stand out.....i feel like its because we are so many cultures mixed together. I know were not a perfect country and weve had our share of evils too.....but when i look at allll of my friends there are sooo many view points represented. i just hope that my generation will be able to take the information age to the next level and close the gaps. so that these lies and propagandas are impossible.

  38. Anonymous11:24 AM

    You know Israel is an amazing place, ive been there many times, i also did volunteering their.Myself and 11 other students were involved in a football campaign to get Palestinian children to play football with Israelis.Everyone here should start understanding both sides of stories.
    All humans are equal and deserve equal rights but Israel is not just a country it is the people who live , it is their faith, their religion and always has been.
    I think people fail to see beyond all these people dieing , this artical is very bias.Would Israel still be Israel if she put down her weapons? No, she wouldnt and unfortunately peoples lives are lost because of this but it isn't something that is going to be solved quickly, Israel is the Holy Land , Land for Jews to live, why do you think they are so bothered by Palestinians living there , i dont know maybe you should go visit Israel see how amazing it is..
    Enough Said.

  39. I cannot understand these comments. I don't have a problem that a state called Israel exists. I can believe that it is a pleasant place to live, and that Jews consider it as their homeland.

    What I find hard to swallow, is that the people who have been living in the area for generations, the Palestinians, have to be forced out of their homes and pushed into a continually diminishing piece of land, because more immigrants want to move into the region.

    I am not anti-Jewish or pro-Palestinian. I just don't understand the logic that foreigners have a right to move into an area and take over?

    And why are you people always "anonymous"? I never hide my identity, but obviously you are frightened to attribute your views to your name.

  40. Anonymous1:20 PM

    It's so sad that you all eat what the media feeds you. - these children were definitely NOT killed by Israeli soldiers.
    If you are so smart and want to know the truth and help people in need, you should look up some information that wasn't published by some kind of natzi group, and see, that Hammas, for instance, use children to protect themselves.
    They run around in Gaza holding children in their hands so that the soldiers won't do anything.
    These horrible pictures are unbelievably misunderstood by the world, and it is of course because it's what they want you to see and believe.
    Israelis don't just open fire at people, EVER. I know this because I was a soldier.
    Maybe you should all take a closer look of things before you blame someone.
    Even Palestinians in Gaza blame the Hammas, and you blame Israelis? That's absurd.


  41. My friend, please show me a photo of an Israeli soldier kissing a Palestinian baby and I might believe that you are speaking the truth. Somehow I cannot believe that Israeli soldiers are as benevolent as you claim.

    About 10 years ago I shared a cell for several days in Wandsworth Prison with an ex-Israeli soldier. I won't publish his name here, but he told me that he couldn't wait to be released, so that he could go out into the occupied territories (under cover of night) and kill some Palestinians. The way he made it sound was like it was a form of "hunting".

    Just tell the truth, that is all I ask. But do not raise the issue of the Nazi - we don't want to go there, do we?

  42. Sarah kassim6:52 PM

    OMGG!! the israelians have been fighting a war with palisan for over a year now! u all are supporting israel and thinking that its a great country thts only becouse you've been to the great parts there. do u think the government will let its tourists go to the war sites and areas? noo! it keeps u in the hotels and relaxation areas, so tht when u leave u only have great things to say about it. but did u know tht 3 israeli soldiers kill themselves each day becouse of what they do. i dont mean tht all israli ppl are bad, but that doesnt mean they're all good. seriously use your common sence how would u feel if u were living a normal life in your house when a stranger someone u dont even know put the gun in your face and orders u to leave? and then lives in your house?? most palistinians are innocent. im a muslim and i come from yemen. islam never teaches about being happy killing ppl. most ppl have thewrong idea about islam. have u guys ever went to actual muslim sites and saw those things??? noo, unless it was a false site. my summer camp teacher bacame a muslim and went to saudi arabia, becouse he thoughtislam was a peaceful religion have u ever heard the athan? u would cry if u did. we dont celebrate the death of our children, i dont know where u got tht from. maybe u saw them showing off their dead children to let the world now whats happening to them. i have nothing against jews cuz i know some are good jews out there who oly seek acceptance just like we do. how do u feel walkin in to a public area and having everyone stare at you and call u terrorist jus cuz u wear a scarf? i have christian and budhasim friends who dont care about my background so much. i hate it when ppl say "arabs" as if all of us are bad. hammas is a so-called terrorist organization, the may have been sending bombs and such but compared to israel what its been doing for the past 100 years is nothing. use your common sense and know tht israel is not the victim but palistine WAS and now what left of it the "gaza STRIP" is.

  43. Anonymous3:28 PM

    i support Israel all the way... those kids weren't the target, simply collateral damage. WAR IS HELL GET OVER IT.

  44. YOU MUST kNOW ! and many know about it,
    * The only country in the world who are recognized as members of the UN with the terms of a never fulfilled until now and never obeyed the slightest.

    * The only country in the world that has no geographical boundaries with the surrounding countries. To date this country has no clear boundary brick.

    * is the only nation in the world that until recently did not have a comprehensive legislation and written that explains the vision and strategy. He is a country without laws.

    * The only country in the world that is open to all refugees of the Jewish race to expel the Palestinian population. Make foreigners as residents with a cast of indigenous people and Palestinians regard as a special state for the Jews.

    * The only country in the world where the colonists to make laws governing the operations of oppression, terror, sometimes to death and torture of prisoners of both the Palestinians or the other.

    * The only country in the world who blesses the murder of children, the aged, women who are civilians, and justifies any crime activity. And their commanders had no impunity for crimes and massacres they have done.

    * The only country in the world who have the freedom in the possession of nuclear weapons without any regulation and oversight. Including the weapons that are prohibited internationally.

    * The only country in the world who make the laws to take over another country and drive out the native population.

    * The only country in the world who call themselves different from others that they are the chosen people is higher than other nations so that they are special from the others.

    * The only country in the world who desecrate the holy places of Islam and changed into mosques cattle sheds, where only the world of prostitution while still watching.

  45. and one of the most horrible
    * Most of Existing bullet in the belly of a Child
    30 rounds! Tear the body of a young daughter aged no more than 13 years. This occurs after a bullet pierced his head when he went to school. After he was killed and his body lay stiff in a bag in his hand, a Jewish commander saw it and spent the remaining bullets into the bodies of small children ... and then some of his actions and he protested at the hearing before the Court Pretending that women are freed from blood .. such as the blood of Muhammad Durrah being broadcast on the killer directly so the whole world was watching the seconds of his death.

    in this website's they spreading
    hammas rocket never attacked civilians, they only defend their territory and attacked the local army

  46. see this,,

  47. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Stop, israel now, or it is a treat to humanity

  48. I happened to arrive by accident at this web site. I would like to post a comment.

    Time for all to wake up and see that what ever you are doing it is not working.

    Instead of killing each other it might be wise to try to figure out how to improve each others lives. I don't see hating and killing leading to a positive outcome. If the hostilities continue I suggest birthing more doctors and investing in gauze, antiseptic, artificial limbs. What a future all sides are creating.

    I think long term guidance with Dr. Phil is in order. Maybe all sides need riddalin? Wake up.

    Peace Brothers.


    Ps. My solution, take your pride and knowledge and help develop a country of quality and intellect. Only intellect will get you out of perpetual chaos.

  49. Anonymous10:03 PM


  50. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Guys, I so do not agree with what some of the things Israel is doing but mabye if the other arab nations take their head out of their ass and it least CONSIDER making a peace treaty with Israel this woundn't happen very often!

  51. this article is misleading, totally biased and untrue. Its not just rockets that killed or terrorized the israeli population. There are bombs that explode in city centers, in pubs, restaurants and niteclubs. There are bombs
    that explode in israeli towns, on buses and in schools. Why don't you have the guts to show Israeli tragedies of this terrorism? Show the pictures of a little girls arm dangling off a bus with her pink backpack smothered in blood. The Israelis have tried to lessen civilian casualties, they drop leaflets and announce that there will be military force in a particular community. Hamas and hezbollah demand the civilians stay in there homes and become pawns of the conflict, so propagandists, like you , can use these images to provoke emotions that are based in lies. How many times have the Israelis come to the table for peace, only to be met with violence? And while the Israelis are not innocent in all of this, it is clear that the truth is difficult to attain with the barrage of false information. For example, you claim Israel was stolen from the Palestinians. It was owned by the British, who the Jews fought, for land that they have existed in and lived for thousands of years. In 1948 the land of Israel was given, by the U.N., its rightful place in the modern world as a state as was Palestine, too. The people of Israel were attacked immediately after that and the Palestinians could never and probably will never accept any Jewish state there. Why is it that no Israeli children are taught as official policy, that they should kill Palestinians? Can anyone say the same in the West Bank, or Gaza? Why dont you try to actually report something intelligent, instead of emotional images without any truth. The Jews do not target kids or civilians, but there are those that get caught in the mess of this conflict. Jews do not, and never have rejoiced in the death of kids or civilians, can you say the same about the Palestinian people?. They rejoice when there own kids blow themselves up. How sick is that? Now muslim extremists are blowing up Coptic Christians in Egypt. In my travels throughout the middle east, I have talked to hundreds of Christians and Jews in Muslim controlled countries and not one, not one has ever said they feel safe practicing their religion there. What they do say is, as long as they keep quiet and stay out of any conflict or politics, they are usually left alone. Open your eyes, tell the truth, and dont use horrific graphic images to make your point. It is insulting.

  52. You make a lot of points here Paul. But please don't insult me by talking about bias and untruth.

    All I did originally was to present photos that came from the Israeli war on Gaza. As I understand it the Israelis attacked Gaza to stop Hamas rocket attacks. At least that is what I got from the claims made in the news bulletins I had seen at the time.

    If you wish to bring into the conversation other events, then you are welcome to do that, but do not be surprised if others do not agree with you.

    In my opinion, people - real people - do not go around attacking others for no reason. All actions cause opposite reactions. To make claims that this side or that side attacked us for no reason is to completely misunderstand human nature.

    It seems to me that we are where we are because some people, and I believe they are the Palestinians, were badly treated and forced to leave their homes.

    You quote the British role in the formation of the Jewish state. To me the British acted dishonourably at that time, and did not fulfil their obligations in arriving at a satisfactory resolution of the disputes going on in 1947/48.

    I have nothing to gain or lose from the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis. They will either discuss their differences and come to a peaceful resolution, or they will continue to attack each other. But the truth is important - at least we agree on that.

  53. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Sure .. you show just what happened there .. you have no idea what happened to Israel!! many people died.
    Israel has threatened and threatened, but they did not stop throwing rockets at Israel. preschoolers who got used to sirens and did not give them a normal life like any other child in this world.
    So I suggest not to judge because you are not here and you have no idea what was happening.
    Hard to say but they brought it on themselves

  54. Anonymous8:47 AM

    If Israel's neighbours decided to rise against Israel, there is nothing Uncle Sam can do!! The whole of the Middle East want Israel gone, my suggestion? Take back what's yours Brothers and Sisters, Yankee man cannot afford any more wars!!!

  55. you assholes dont even know what your talkin about...
    at first we warned them
    that this area is going to be destroyed couse there hamas people in thoes buildings
    they dont want to move
    there nothing we can do
    the hamas people hide behind the civilians
    belive me i was in this war and
    on one of the cases we was on the street under fire when we saw the hamas people they was hiding behind some kids and 1 female
    we got an order that we cant shoot till they will move
    the hamas kept on shooting on us and 2 of my squad mates got shot(they ok now)
    just after that we were shootin on them and the civilians started to run

  56. I guess it is easy to call people assholes when you are protected by the best military hardware that money can buy?

    Why don't you just nuke the whole of Gaza, if that's the way you really feel about Palestinians? Clearly you have no interest in trying to resolve the conflict in the area.

  57. Anonymous1:19 AM

    Wow MJS,

    you truly have no Idea what you got yourself into with no prove to back you up.
    I see that you don't have any right answer for the questions you been asked. The time is now, repent your self while you can. The Wrath of the God is coming and I feel bad for those that go against him.

  58. That's right, bring God into it, for all the good that will do. Funny isn't it, that God is supporting both sides in this conflict - are you suggesting that "the wrath of God" will bring peace to the Middle East?

    You probably don't realize it, but by calling yourself "Anonymous" you are going to be grouped together with all the other people called "Anonymous" here. Perhaps you do not mind being mistaken for the person who made some of those other anonymous comments above?

  59. Anonymous5:02 PM

    hate! hate! hate!
    You are all assholes!Especially you Mr.MJS.
    You are an instigator.

  60. stephen886:25 PM

    old blog..but still.. children have constant changes of thoughts which makes them innocent most of the time.
    To mjs, i don't know why people hate you on this blog for stating your own opinions. In some parts I see that you want people to reason with each other, other than that, you are kind of provoking some people who have read your blog and comments. Paul is just trying to get you to understand that there are somethings we just don't know and shouldn't consider the information we are given as fact. As for the peace people are looking for (now this is fact), as long as man kind exists without extremely high levels of education, there will always be conflict. I, for one, come from a school where teachers literally do nothing but socialize with students. Only 3 students out of 120 made it to college and about 20-30 focused on living normal lives with a proper job - the rest became druggies/thieves/alcoholics. This actually happened in an economically developed country. The numbers are the opposite for other schools that are 10km away. My point is; children who can be and are educated (25%-30%) 'can' make a positive difference in society (engineers, scientists, politicians, etc). About 60% 'can' be your average person (farmer, retail services, hospitality,etc), 10% can not and will not have any understandings in logistics and analogies (asshole murderers, thieves, pot/crackheads, etc), and 5% have disabilities or are mentally challenged. Most idiots you see are uneducated or just plain stupid. With english being my second language, though pretty choppy, I am glad I got myself into studying tertiary level science and mathematics after coming from a hellish childhood life. Better education = Better People... unless the person is the good 5%-10% of the population who can learn themselves.

  61. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Mr mjs don't waste your time arguing.. i can't believe some people still argue after seeing these photos.. Sooner or later God will lay his vengeance upon those merciless barbarians.. And for these who state that Palestinians kill children please post proof like photos of "DEAD CHILDREN".. other than that u can shove them statistics up ur asses u worthless lying bastards..

  62. Anonymous6:00 AM

    israel Killing kids, because israel scares. the kids will grown up tomorrow and kill the jews.

    Muslims are not allow to kill women, kids, and old people in war.
    how much israel kill the kids. the day is not so far when they will all die from the hands of Muslims. they have forgetten when hitlor army finding only jews to be killed, at that time only muslims saved them from the hands of Christian(Hitlor). the heart of muslim is so big. jews and christian are not even equal of the shoes of muslims.
    Faizan Ibrahim
    from Pakistan
    sect: Ahl-sunnah-wal-jamaa.

  63. ROB P.12:03 AM


  64. TRIDENT512:15 AM


    1. Anonymous9:15 AM

      are you believing in peace ??? You are away from Phalestine miles away . when you are in your dublex homes they're all dying.İn iraq in afghaistan in phalestine jews and the american bastards are killing muslims.And you are telling our religion is peaceful.İ dont like terrorist and i m a muslim.And im proud of that.You made crusades pope lied to your people you killed arabs and you are telling us we are peaceful.You said jesus is the son of te god . You are such an idiot.i have respect to your religin but i dont have respect to you 1.000.000 people died for oil in iraq afganistan . and people killed burned muslims ast quraysh by 10 years!!!they suffered and dead.and you re learning wrong history.our prophet only fought by 3 hours!!!!!!! you killed civils and are you telling us you are using civilians as a shield.when they re walking to the market boom israel is attacking then people dies and hamas defends himself but you say Hamas is terrorist is that terrorism.you re going to iraq and getting all of the oils and then you say we brought there democracy . what a shame .accept this if our religion is a terrorist religion your religion is a WAR RELİGİON.your bible has changed by many times there was 70 bibles but all of them has burned but only 4 of them left.Ahh the pope he is a man which is lying.what did he said you in the middle ages and you believed him idiots

  65. Anonymous7:29 PM

    These photos would make any man or woman cry. These children did not deserve nor did they choose their death. However, God is in control of all things, living and non. We can find peace knowing these children are in God's arms now and not in the hands of whose parents used them to carry out terrorists acts. Israel belongs to God's people and we must accept that all that is happening and been happening since Abraham is part of God's plan. Those who falsify the facts behind these images or manipulate any martyrs death, whether woman, man, or child, will feel the awesome wrath and power of the one and only true Lord, Savior and Creator; God. God bless you all and open the eyes of any who read this that wear a veil.
    Zechariah 9:1

  66. Anonymous5:56 PM

    WOW !!!!!!!!

    such a short article, so many LIES !!!

    1. How can you say that Israel stole the land of Israel? did you know that since the biblical time there were Jews in the land of Israel. did you know that there were a lot of periods of Jewish independence in that land and none "Palestinians" one.

    2. How can you compare between car accidence to rockets?!
    Do you agree that i'll shot rocket on your neighborhood?
    Are you saying that a country should do nothing against terrorist if they don't kill enough people??

    3. If you want to compare, why don't we compare the number of Palestinians that killed by Palestinians ?!
    ONLY IN 2007 there were 352 people which killed by Hummus and other Palestinian organizations.
    why didn't you mention that? maybe because you can't blame Israel for that also !?!?

  67. Anonymous3:43 PM

    The Jews of biblical times were "Semites", Arabs are "Semites". Most of the Jews in Israel today are more European than "Jewish" The Palestinians are more close to the original peoples living there then the current "Jews". What is going on is basically Europeans murdered 6 million or so Jews so those same people gave those displaces European Jews the land to live in that was not theirs to live. And those European Jews in typical European colonial fashion are killing the people who live in the lands they intent to steal. All a bunch of garbage. Religion is bullshit.

  68. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Michael smith

    your ignorance of the history of israel is as astounding to me as you lack of comprehension of the overall situation. Israel, has every right to exist as any other state in the world does, and they have the right to defend themselves as any other country does. they are a nation who deserve their own state and that is their traditional land, before the diaspora era of their history.
    Showing pictures of some dead children that were likely used as sheilds and propaganda material is irrelevant to the situation. why dont you post material from the Arab invading forces in 1967 and 1973 and the casualties they created.

  69. Anonymous12:31 PM

    yall niggas say dat israel has a right to exist

    AiGhT yall let me tell ya something bout israel, i neva lived in da gaza strip, i live in and an israli arab (zionest name 4 palistinain, damn niggas racist in evry jewish hood i go thru

    i did my muthafuckin research man n yall sayin israel has a right to exist are wrong cause the jews you were talking about were europen the jews that MIGHT have bin in palestine in history are arabian then converted to christian, or muslim (mostly muslim) these are arabian palistanian and Hamas aint no terrorist them niggas are freedom fighters, my opinion israel is doing to the Gaza strip, what the Nazi's did in warsaw, open your eyes people, the israeli's
    racist, an arab crack deala gangsta whatva kills another arab, 5.0 don't kare if dey do find who it is cause dey got to sometimes dey get a maxium of 5 years. see an arab kills a jew, it a about 500 years.

  70. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Living in the United States is just as bad. Zionists mind games and torture through media and psych industry. Organized crime in the guise of medicine, religion and government. They are the quasi government running everyone. It is demonic. I never thought I would say that. But it is demonic. Look at their movies. As they erase american culture and use Jew/Brit who think they are chosen tribes. Chosen yes. But more and more are thinking chosen by Satan. don't think for a minute middle class working Americans have a choice. we are swine to them. we all know what they do. how to stop them? stop buying their shit products and stop working for them. but speak up? they will drug and torture you as they did me. They will lie about you needing surgery and sell body parts. enjoying your fear. it is Evil. Polanski, Portman...keep watching these priests and priestesses of darkness. They are not the good jews in America, most of which hoard, but do nothing to stand up to the zionists. Women and men are equal so Muslims should not be coming to America. Meanwhile it is the duty of all Christians to stop supporting Israel and sacrificing our sons and daughters for their blood rituals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Anonymous6:58 PM

    It is a sin to fight for Zionist Israel. Time to really start looking at the truth about Jews in WWII and who got rich in America while our boys left to die for those who consider them expendable swine. Lies and fearmongering. Pigs getting rich off exaggerated lies. More movies on real exterminations. Everything is literally sick to death from their movies and hoarding and poisoning, through food and media. Be still. Don't fight for them. Don't work for them. Don't listen to their lies anymore. Whatever did or didn't happen in WWII it is beyond a doubt the Zionists were involved and killed many alongside the Nazis. German jews are still doing this shit in america. killing, chem warfare. they have destroyed and stolen and broken and killed more people than can be counted. Never go to jail. We must die rather than support them. We must die doing the right thing. Better to be dead than with these demons in control. Full circle. Are you with the mutilating/sacrificing Priests/Rabbis (meaning master) or the Levites who didn't want the blood ritual...Satan ritual? do the research. why do they hate the Catholic Church? because before it too was overtaken...they tried to stop the blood ritual. Sacrifice. These are some of the things Catholics knew...from Aramaic writings. "Vampire" meant many things back then. Note all the movies about it now. Zionists are no longer discrete but closing in. Secrets and Judeo-Masonic ritual. Star of David? symbol of numerology. all about numbers. money. blood money.

  72. Mike, The last thing that I did before leaving school 40 years ago was give a Jew a good beating. He was a lying rat just like the Mossad vermin that infest your site. Never give these swine a forum. They already own all our media and have wrecked Britain and America both culturally and economically. The many thousands of Palestinian children whose lives have been destroyed physically and psychologically are in fact only the tip of the iceberg of Zionist crime. Never forget 9/11. Oddly enough, there are honest Jews, such as Benjamin Freedman, Nathanael Kapner, and many others who have told the shameful, shocking truth about Jews. It's much worse than anything Adolf Hitler said about them and they know it. When I meet a Jew, I tell it straight to him in the face. They go red and shut up. Mossad scum have no place on your website, Mike. Check out the link to see how I trapped Richard Dearlove in 2003. Dearlove was also involved in the murder of Princess Diana in 1997. He was dispatched by David Spedding with two other jew-sucking crawlers, Richard Spearman and Nicholas Langman to Paris in 1997 to handle the media after Mossad murdered Princess Diana because of her expressed desire to be the 'Queen of Hearts' of the Palestinian children. MI6 of course took the blame as becomes the vulgar, worthless organization that it is.

  73. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Truth shall be spoken and shall be heard! Israel is the land of the Jews for 3,700 years! Long before "Muhamad" a false prophet was born King David and King Solomon were the Kings of Judea or modern day Israel. Israel is the Name Our God gave to Yaakov, Jacob upon defeating the angel of Esau. Israel is than Land of the Jews before Islam was even "invented" - Palestinians have no rightful, legal, religious, moral or any right or claim to this holy land. The Romans through the Emperor Hadrian and his General Titus conquered the land of Judea-Israel and named it "Palestina" after the the Ottoman empire conquered it, the name remained, nothing to do with Arabs or Islam... Arabs came to live there long after the Jews had already inherited the land and were conquered by the Romans. Israel is the only country in the world that has to deal with the lowest of people - "the Palestinians" Never has human kind gone so low in morality and inhumanity in the history of the world. To educate children the love of death over life and hatred over love and war over peace. Never has the world seen pregnant women strap bombs on their bodies to kill Jews. Never has a people showed themselves, lower than animals to slaughter 3 month old babies in their sleep. Israel has to target this Evil force in the midst of a dense population that is oppressed by the most evil force of Terror - HAMAS, this Terror organization kills and persecutes its own people and how much more so the innocent civilians of Israel though organized suicide bombings of buses, bust stops, pizza shops, restaurants and other non military targets. Israel will fire back even if it means inside civilian villages because thats the cowardly way of Hamas to hide behind people and fire and target innocent people. If you test us, you will feel the wrath of our God who has protected the Jews until now and will protect us to the end of time and until the evil has been removed and will be removed from this world. All who oppose the Jews oppose Their God, beware and do not hate the Jews because our God fights for us no matter what, we are the children of God, so it is written in all the history books and old testament bibles. beware of the people of God, he avenges the blood of his children and his people from time immemorial!

  74. Anonymous9:22 PM

    You terrorists and cowards, liars and killers, murderers and suicide daemons, you the Palestinians... Prepare to feel the wrath of the God of Israel if you keep this terror game going... you guys think you are right and honest... the world sees and will see the madness that you are teaching your children to hate Jews, you will be hated because you are plotting against the God of Israel, the warrior of the Jews. Look at Israel now, The most prosperous country in the Middle east, and look at all the other Arab countries falling to their Knees and being beaten and kicked out by their own people, look at all the Arab countries MURDERING their own citizens and population because the people are sick and tired of the lies and treachery their governments treat them with, starving them and not giving them rights! Look at Israel - A Jewish Nation surrounded by Arab countries that tried defeating them forever and never succeeded! look at the middle east... Israel had Arabs in its government, 20% if its students in universities are Arabs and Muslims, look at all the research and development, technological success as well as economical. Compare that to the huge Arab nations with hundreds of millions of people in the lands and the countries fall one by one like dominos while Israel stands firm and stronger than ever before... surrounded by wolves who want to eat her, she is still alive and will live forever! Great nations have tried and failed, God is our savior forever and ever don't even try. Such a small piece of land and 25 Arab nations surround it and these "Palestinian" Arabs want OUR Holy Land??? DREAM On! go to Jordan, go to Lebanon, go to Egypt, go to Saudi Arabia, go to Syria, go to Iraq, go to Iran, go to any other Arab-Muslim country and leave our land alone and the people living in it. Israel is the superpower of the middle east, it fought 4 nations and their armies simultaneously and defeated ALL 4 armies out numbered 10 to 1! Explain That! We are the only air force in the world to have shot down and destroyed 400 air enemy craft in one day! conquered the Sinai desert from Egypt and destroyed the bridges of the Suez canal. SAY WHAT???!!! We shot down 100 Syrian fighters in air to air combat without losing 1 airplane!!! HUH!!!??? Go and Tell that! we are still in Israel after all those wars! we will remain here forever and do not plan to move! Israel and the Jews are here to stay! God Willing and only with The our God Almighty's help we will be as we are today... VICTORIOUS over the forces of EVIL!

    Long live the Almighty God of Israel, the people of Israel and the land of Israel forever and EVER!

    Shma Israel, Hashem Elokeinu,Hsshem Echad!

  75. Anonymous1:54 PM

    israel never strike with no reason..
    hamas were atakking: sderot, ashkelon, ashdod, beer sheva and killer x10 more children in 10 years that we killed when we tryed to hit hamass leaders
    israel is just wont get to the level of taking pictures of dead children and post it all over the web...
    yes this pictures are horrible
    and i also hate this conflict m self but i allways comment on these kind of topics just to say THAT BOTH OF THE SIDES ARE ACTING LIKE THE ARE KIDS
    and instead of saying who is worse try to think of a way how to stop it

  76. I am sure that Israel has pictures of their dead children and of their mothers, daughters, and sons crying over those killed by their enemies. The people of Israel do not want war. It is brought to their doorsteps by people that want to eradicate them. May God have mercy on us all for all of the sin we commit. Baruch haba B'shem Adonai!

  77. Anonymous8:28 PM

    If Hamas would stop shooting rockets into Israel, then Israel would not have to retaliate. Children would stop being killed if Hamas would stop using children as human shields. They take these photos of their dead children to help them sway political opinion. Israelis are kind loving people trying to protect their sovereign territory.

  78. Anonymous4:37 PM

    wow so many people can be as gullible as hell anyways yes if your country was being shot at dont you think they would retaliate duh i mean we are not just going to stand there and be like oh they shot us ok .... no matter the number i would still retaliate plus why the heck would some one shoot into the lords land geez can they be anymore dumb just rea psamls 23and see why they shouldnt have done that and also i bet almost all the others that are against israel are muslims themsleves ha hilarious and then just the few that have no clue what their saying and just being gullible

  79. Yeah, I can't understand why Israel is not attacked more, considering the way they treat the Palestinians?

  80. Hello,

    I'm a highschool senior studying in Korea.

    To me the situation seems to be astonishingly simple.

    Everyone is acting in a fashion that they believe will best help themselves. Everyone is selfish. To be selfish is natural for survival.

    Everything is controversial. You will understand after I say this. I believe 9/11 was no big deal. Shocked? All those innocent people died! Shocking indeed. A true act of terror. And yet is US one to talk. Compared to other nations, US should be glad conflict has not reached its shores often. It must be a shock because it never experienced something like this before. But was the US any better when dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Children, women, men, elderly, innocent civilians killed because the US calculated they didn't want to lose more troops. So you go kill civilians because you want to save your troops, your voluntary fighters and mercenaries over common people. Any repercussions? Probably not. So what if USSR did the same thing? What if North Korea or China or whatever country did the same thing? Why is US different? Well, that's because US is a power, it is justice, it represents liberty, and human rights. US has power so they can do whatever they want. Yet the normal person wouldn't think 'Hmm, 9/11 is no big deal after all'.

    So is anyone ever right? Does anyone act knowing that what they do is wrong? No, everyone acts because they believe that decision is the best decision. Everyone is so busy blaming everyone else that they don't blame themselves. Does it hurt your pride to admit your wrongs? Yes, it does. Do you think that if you blame someone that person will simply go 'yeah, I will totally take the blame. You are right'?

    So, final question. or Questions. What would you do if a stranger came into your house and partitioned off your bathroom, then your kitchen, then a room, till they had more than half your house; then declared 'this is mine because I lived here before you moved in'. What'd you do if someone snuck into your backyard and bombed your living room away? Don't tell me you'd live happily ever after and live with it.

  81. The Hypothetical Native American5:20 AM


    For those of you are saying Israel is justified because the Jews lived in that land before are weird. None of you are right.

    So, hypothetically, if you're American you'd be totally okay with native americans taking your land back and half of your states back and setting up a different nation in them. Then you'd be totally okay with them setting up checkpoints so you can't move freely and barriers so that they can't go back into your area. Okay, so you're a little annoyed but oops what can you do? Your not as powerful as the native americans both economically and militarily. So you decide to throw molotov cocktails over the walls and you burn some people. Then the native americans decide to throw grenades back and kill some people. So then you throw burning barrels of gasoline over. Then the native americans lob some missiles over.

    So if jews can take back their land...then of course I think it'd be a much better world if Native Americans took back the US as well!! Seriously! I wonder why that's not happening? Isn't it the same logic? Why don't israelis promote the retaking of America by the native americans? This is probably because they don't care about the cause but simply the justification for their actions. Tada!!!

  82. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Bottom line:
    Before 1948, Israel was a desolate swamp land in the North and a dry Desert in the South.

    All you Jew haters are just Jealous Pigs. Just look who is smart and controlling the world.

    .0004 of the world's population. You guys are Jealous Losers... Especially MJS

    BTW I am not Jewish

  83. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Stop using children as shields fags

  84. Stop using children as shields

  85. Anonymous4:03 PM

    I'm from Israel and I shot that rocket. I win!
    Score 1-0 ME

  86. מגיע להם לערבים האלה אחרי כל הפיגועים שהם עושים לנו all the arab iz kill us many years

  87. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Who wants his/ her kids to die inthat way? Nobody will use his /her children as shields.Do not just assume if you didn't see with your own eyes what the Israeli armies did to the Palestinian kids.The pictures should be shown to public because children are like clean white paper, they have no sins nor dirty hearts. They shouldn't be treated with bombs and rockets and guns.Israel people are worms in apples, you guys are biting the Palestinians little by little. Somebody should spray the pesticides to kill the bad worms. I didn't say all worms are bad-peace!!

  88. Anonymous6:56 AM

    I think you're very brave to write about the situation in Israel. Most people don't speak their minds when it comes to such a complex problem...
    There's no way to apologize the death of these kids, I agree with you. But in every war we've known so far the innocent are those who suffer the most and we shouldn't forget that Israel is not just all about weapons, war and killing people.
    Last year I asked some Israeli exchange students how they can live life in a country permanently involved in such a brutal conflict. They didn't take my question as offensive or got angry. We had a discussion taking about two hours in which they told me that they're really sad that the whole world is just interested in this battle without seeing the beautiful sides of their country. Most regions are not specifically concerned by the war, so they can go to school, meet friends and have parties just like any normal teenager.
    I've never got to know someone so gentle and open-minded and I hope that the world once will start to really see the people of Israel and Palestina without being totally blinded by news.
    I hope that someday I'll meet people from Palestina and I'm sure I will be surprised about them being as kind and open-hearted as these Israeli guys.
    And I hope that this war will have an end soon.

  89. Anonymous3:32 AM