08 April 2008

Mohamed Al Fayed robbed at Diana and Dodi inquest

I do not feel that Mohamed Al Fayed received proper justice at the Inquest which finished yesterday. I just a post up on the Guardian website and Daily Express website about my view on getting Justice in a British Court, this is what I said:

Like all cases that have the potential to embarrass the Establishment and its secret services, the real evidence for this inquest is carefully kept out of Court. Mr Al Fayed never had the opportunity to obtain real Justice, and he has a right to feel aggrieved at being denied the chance to call key witnesses and to develop the case he really wanted to put before the jury.

I know fully how Mr Al Fayed must feel, because at my own trial for espionage in 1993 the manipulators of British Justice also prevented key evidence from being revealed. It is only 15 years later that I can now prove that there was a conspiracy to cover up the true story: that false evidence was used to convict me.

I hope Mr Al Fayed does not have to wait much longer for the answers he deserves, but in order for that to happen he will need to smash through the closed doors of bureaucratic procrastination so favoured by our British Establishment.