06 November 2008

Britain contemplates war with Iran !!

It is interesting, but for the first time since 1913, a Defence Minister from the Ministry of Defence has declared at the Daniel James trial that "Iran is a country that one day we could be at war with".

So, does that mean that the new Obama regime will be declaring war with Iran next year? Or is Gordon Brown about to bomb Tehran.

Interesting stuff indeed. But the danger clearly is that the UK government are thinking right now about a potential war with Iran.


  1. Do you know if the trial transcript is available online anywhere?

  2. No, the trial transcript will not be available on-line, although newspaper and other media reports summarise some of the details that happened at the trial.

    It is still to be decided whether Daniel will face a re-trial on the two charges on which the jury failed to come to verdicts. I don't see anybody publishing material while a re-trial is a possibility.

    If I do come across any transcripts I will publish them on my blog.