12 June 2008

The false prosecution case of Sir Derek Spencer QC, Sir John Nutting QC & John Kelsey-Fry QC

I want to talk about these three lawyers, because these were the men who were responsible for my prosecution and conviction. They must have known the true facts about the evidence, but they chose to hide what they knew, and instead used it to their advantage in a cynical ambush on my Defence, at the last possible moment. I wrote to these three characters in December, telling them about the new evidence I had obtained, which proved that their case was seriously flawed. However, these 3 men chose to say nothing, or do anything to help me sort out the mess that they had created.

If I had been involved in twisting the truth to win a court case, then I would have thought it was something to hide away from public view. It is really something to be embarrassed about. But no, these idiots want to shout their wrongdoing from the rooftops. I cannot understand this approach, unless it is some sort of sadomasochistic tendency that they have picked up as a result of public schools practices.

Just take the case of Sir Derek Spencer QC. Look at the way he proudly displays the fact that he won the Prosecution case against me:

The upper class prig Sir Derek Spencer QC

R v Smith, 1992, Official Secrets Act (KGB Spy)

But his triumph in my case was all based on a lie. What a cunt he is for thinking he can create a reputation for himself based on lies and underhanded methods - and he thought nothing of my misfortune and the damage he did to my life.

Now let us look another “sir”, Sir John Nutting QC. He also proudly boasts about his success in tricking the jury to convict me:

The eee-haw talking toff Sir John Nutting QC

Michael Smith (the GEC spy)

Again this fucker arrogantly shows off the fact that the Prosecution won their case based on lies that the key "restricted" document at my trial was used on the ALARM missile, when it was actually obsolete before any of those missiles were ever manufactured.

Then, lastly we come to John Kelsey-Fry QC.

The evil 2face of John Kelsey-Fry QC

Just see how he is trying to smoke himself to death, and hopefully will die a horrible and painful end with lung cancer.

What a two-faced bastard this guy is. He is also proud of the lies that the Prosecution were able to use at my trial:

R v Michael Smith: KGB spy

I know from my dealings with my junior barrister, Gary Summers, that Kelsey-Fry was the go-between on much of the interaction between the Defence and the Prosecution teams - a sort of gofer. If anybody knew what was going on, then Kelsey-Fry did, and he chose to deceive Gary Summers by not warning him that the Defence was about to be ambushed with false evidence.

These three “lawyers” are the sort of people who have had life’s opportunities given to them on a plate. No wonder they talk like they have silver spoons shoved up their arses.

"Name them and shame them", that is the name of the game, and these guys need to hang their heads in shame for deserting those lofty ideals on which they should have based their careers.


  1. Anonymous7:28 AM

    poor you i hope things go better for you

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    1. Don't worry anonymous. There is a plan in progress to expose all the idiot lawyers who foolishly accepted the official government line. People like Sir Derek Spencer, Sir John Nutting and John Kelsey-Fry are really small fry. They do a job at the coal-face, getting convictions on behalf of government agencies.

      The Official Secrets Act is almost impossible to defend against. We saw Daniel James, and more recently Daniel Houghton (ex-MI6) facing court cases that were difficult to defend against. I tried to tell Daniel Houghton about this, but the poor sod is convinced that justice in Britain is "fair". Wait and see how he will be stitched up, like all the others.

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  4. a friendlt hobbit9:49 AM

    I think you are jolly brave couage mes enfant courage

  5. Hobbit9:50 AM

    you know do you that I think (dont quote me ) that Rock tansey was diqualified or made to leave the bar for a bit.

  6. hobbit9:52 AM

    you should go to Human Rights lawyers like not RT

  7. Anonymous10:30 AM

    why dont you see Geoff Roberton q c who is a qenius he was jon motimmores pupil
    is there a way of email you it feels vunerable when i say this and it comes up publically

  8. No, it doesn't bother me to post your messages here. I can take them down if they are not suitable. You can always contact me privately at the above e-mail address at the top of the page if you would prefer that.

  9. Anonymous6:57 AM

    I totally believe every word you have said about Sir Derek Spencer QC As I know what this man is capable of, just to gain a conviction, these public school boys do not care about justice, to them it’s one big game, as any barrister will tell you it’s about winning and losing their case nothing to do with justice. They are the biggest back stabbing XXXXs out there, they are out for your money, the biggest day light robbers on this planet millions of UK tax payers pounds go to their offshore accounts every day. The country is run by these public school boys who have never done a day’s work in their lives. I could go on and on but it just winds me up big time. Please remember what goes around comes around Michael so just sit back and watch mate they will suffer just like you did i am sure.

  10. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Cheer up what doesnt kill you makes you stronger.Michael Moore would love you!

  11. I am not at all depressed, as I realise that these idiots will probably be dead long before me - of cancer, sexual disease, or some other excess of their privileged class.

  12. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Your blog gives one hope that injustices may be exposed.

  13. Anonymous4:05 AM

    I know you are not depressed you have to much GO in you,but you would be less than human not to feel somewhat ground down.These people think they are SUPER HUMAN MEN OF POWER and it is great that there are those with the guts and brains to confrount them..thats how things change risk takers people of courage turn mankind away from the sticky invidiuous slopes of being sucked in to their mind power games all made for them and to leave dissenters in the cold till they become mightier than the bullies and push open the doors ...tey are mostly inbreed

  14. Anonymous11:26 AM

    well done to survive and flourish

  15. Anonymous9:26 AM

    You are a good and brave soul.David Cocks Q C is also in that chambers who made his pupil pregnant then threw her out for not having an abortion denied paternity on oath ,the court found he was and though hansard states he earns £500,ooo a year for 12 years only gave £16.24 pence a week.She was threown out of the chambers and he never sees his son it is well known and well documented yet they put themselves out to be Human Rights people.


    Good luck and look after yourself.Always have your soul brave.

  16. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Hope that things are going well for you

  17. I came across this.I so hope that you remain a voice .

  18. Anonymous8:16 AM

    well done for your courage in having a voice and an opinion and not being a door mat of endurance and desecration like so many injured beings.Atleast you got up and made your voice echoe and resound.

  19. Anonymous6:19 AM

    I saw this amazing piece in the Idependent.This is what the carryings on amounts to in that chambers of which David Cocks Q C was the head.I dont know much about thing but if this is how they carry on.......
    "This year's Ebenezer Scrooge Award goes to David Cocks, QC, who has chosen the Christmas season to serve a summons on Felicity seeking to end the £10,000 per year maintenance he pays for their illegitimate child, also named David. Their one-year affair – he was her pupil master in chambers – took place during her pupillage. Earlier this year, it emerged in a parliamentary answer that Cocks receives almost £500,000 in fees for his prosecutorial work. At 71 he draws a state and a private pension, and also does private and and legal aid work, garnering another £200,000. He has a 200-acre farm in the West Country, which helps offset his tax liability. Felicity pays their son's university fees out of her modest savings. The son, who is registered disabled, wishes to continue full-time education. I have followed this sorry saga from the time when Cocks denied paternity on oath, through his efforts to exhaust Hammerton with legal ploys, through his attempts to take David out of private school, through criticism of his conduct by the Family Court – and now this. The hearing is set down for 3 January. I hope Cocks receives a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Future and is confronted with his hellish prospects. "Written by Christopher Silvester,son of the band leader Victor Silvester.
    Not many have the guts to expose people you should be a full time journalist.I am much impressed by your courage to speak out.

  20. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Thank you for your writing and exposure of uncomfortable facts you are a brave and analitical guy

  21. Anonymous6:55 AM

    That chambers earns far to much money and for what it should go to hard working nurses