20 February 2008

Daniel James spy trial delay, no ARRSE support

It is not surprising that the long awaited trial of Daniel James has again been postponed. I found the following on a website:

February 18, 2008 - JAMES: SOLDIER SPY TRIAL MAY BE DELAYED UNTIL NEXT YEAR BRIGHTON, EAST SUSSEX The trial of a British solider accused of spying for Iran while working as an interpreter in Afghanistan could be delayed until next year. Iranian-born corporal Daniel James, 44, was working for NATO commander General David Richards when he allegedly endangered UK security by passing on sensitive information.

Already Daniel has spent about 15 months in prison, equivalent to a sentence of two and a half years, and so far he has not been convicted of any crime. This case is becoming similar to the circumstances of those victims incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay without trial, and it looks like Daniel will be serving a considerable period more in prison before he knows his fate.

But why should Daniel James still be waiting for his trial? What is so special about this case that causes the Prosecution such a problem? The answer to these questions lies in the mysterious way in which Daniel was identified as an alleged Iranian spy, and more importantly the British general he was working for.

The canteen gossip is that the American forces in Afghanistan did not want to take their orders from the British NATO commander General David Richards. What better way to show that he was not fit to command American troops, and undermine his authority, than to reveal that he had allowed an Iranian “spy” to infiltrate his camp. Daniel James had been the personal Aide and interpreter to General Richards.

Anyone who knows the relationship between the US and British forces will recognise that the Americans have always resisted serving under a Brit. In hatching the plot to publicise how an Iranian spy had been found amongst allied forces, it was only natural that an American agency would tell the British about their electronic surveillance in Afghanistan, and then put pressure on the British authorities to arrest and prosecute Daniel James as a spy.

It is illuminating to see how the fools who write on the ARRSE Forums have rushed in to attack Daniel James, while in contrast Daniel’s Territorial Army colleagues and his commanding officer have supported him. This exposes the long-term institutional racism within the British Army, when members of ARRSE can indirectly support the false American claims and injustice inflicted on Daniel, and the consequential removal of a British general from the command of their troops. As an Iranian-born man Daniel was obviously seen as a soft target and somebody who could be falsely accused as a scapegoat.

So what is the real reason why Daniel’s trial has been delayed? It seems pretty clear that the Prosecution will have to reveal a lot of details to support their charges against Daniel, and these disclosures will cause embarrassment because of the involvement of the USA in this case. Unfortunately for the Prosecution, Daniel continues to reject their case and maintains his denial that he was a spy. What the Prosecution do not want to do is to disclose how the Americans were routinely bugging communications in Afghanistan, and they do not want to admit that this case is really about how a British general was wrongfully removed from his post by the Americans.


  1. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Hello again Mike!

    I read your self-absorbed and typically self-indulgent whining on Cryptome about this issue: when are you going to realise that no-one cares what you fantasise about, least of all our hugely over-worked security services?

    If Cpl James has been spying, it will undoubtedly come out at trial. If not, then fine.

    You are not helping him at all...quite the opposite, in fact.

  2. Hello again Mr "Anonymous". I know you are scared to reveal your true identity, but am I bothered? ... No, I just see you as another pathetic creep who hides in the shadows.

    There's no fantasy going on here mate. You know as well as I do that our security services are very well aware of the distortions they use to their own advantage. MI5 want Daniel James convicted because it gives them Brownie points to show they are worth the millions of taxpayers money they waste every year.

    So don't whine about what I am doing in the name of Justice, rather question your own motives, and why you support a corrupt system that thinks it is acceptable to stitch up innocent people in order to bolster its own reputation. MI5 is only protecting its own interests, and you my friend are one of its fellow travellers.

  3. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Right, lets get somethings right in your statments from somebody that was there. The General was not removed from his job he did 9 months like he was meant to do before he got out there. I knew Danny and he changed in that 9 months. What are you going on about Americans for it has nothing to do with them. You might also wont to know it was Danny who delayed the trial because he sacked his defence team before Feb the Court then gave him another 6 months to sort out a defence team. Why talk and make up stuff you dont have a clue about, i never seem him do it nobody did but he had things he should never have had so it dont look good does it!!