24 May 2007

Indict Donald Rumsfeld for war crimes

I have just watched an extraordinary programme on BBC2 about the rendition flights, used by the CIA to torture terrorist suspects. Anybody who watched this programme will get the impression that the USA believes it can use any tactics to intimidate and bully individuals, to force them to admit what the CIA want to hear from these apparently innocent victims of Bush inspired extremism.

The programme went deep into the dangerous territory of attacking what we believe to be our basic freedoms, and it seems the victims of rendition were chosen for no other reason than that they had a muslim background. Take the case of Maher Arar, who claims he suffered torture at the hands of the CIA - he has now been exhonerated by the Canadian government.

This story of rendition is likely to run and run, but one thing is for sure, those who were responsible for this criminal programme need to pay for what they have done. Unfortunately, people like Rumsfeld are unlikely to be tortured - a pity - but let us hope they spend some years behind bars like those they have illegally persecuted.

There is a time when criminals must face justice, and those guilty of torturing the innocent must be punished for what they have done. It was stated in the BBC2 programme that Donald Rumsfeld should be indicted for giving the orders to torture the victims of this CIA programme. Let us hope that justice will be done.