14 May 2007

Closure of John Robles JAR2 website

I first contacted John Robles about a year ago, and he kindly published documents about my case on his website JAR2. Back then everything seemed to be fine, and I never sensed any problems on the horizon.

However, I have been in more depressing correspondence with John Robles over the past few weeks, and I know he has received threats from the US embassy in Moscow. John will not tell me all the details, because he has been scared into silence by some embassy bully boys, but I can speculate that the CIA is trying to close his website

The threats have clearly worried John, and he has decided to shut down his website. As John has exposed the repressive policies of the George Bush regime, and he also mirrors John Young's Cryptome in Russia, this looks very much like another CIA plot to censor free speech.

This development is potentially very threatening to anyone running a website that is critical of governments like that of the USA. Only a week or so ago Cryptome was forced to change its Internet provider, because of pressure from some unknown source - John Young was not even told why his website was breaking Verio's rules.

Last year ex MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson had his blog taken down, when MI6 objected to its content, and Typepad meekly complied with MI6 requests. Where next will the CIA or MI6 go to stop people discussing legitimate topics of debate?

It would help John Robles if anyone who reads this can publicise his problems and make a complaint about his treatment to the US authorities. Why not ask the US embassy in Moscow for their motive to give John a hard time? They can be contacted at