28 June 2006

MI6 admit those spy lists are accurate

Richard Tomlinson's blog is now back online after he felt it necessary to restrict access to it due to pressure from the British authorities. It appears MI6 are still hounding Richard, and attempting to frame him for the publication of those alleged lists of MI6 Officers that was published some time ago. Details can be found on Richards blog here.

It seems unbelievable that MI6 are now admitting that these lists, previously thought unreliable or possibly a plant to compromise Richard, are in fact an accurate list of their officers. What other service in the world would be so stupid or incompetent to shop a load of their own officers, simply to make a case against a single officer they had sacked. We do not so much need protecting against the efforts of hostile intelligence services it would seem, when our own MI6 can do the damage perfectly well itself.

The lists that MI6 now admit to being accurate are the John Jo list, the Todor Velichkov list and the Alan Bond list.

No doubt, the staff of the SVR and other intelligence services must be roaring with laughter at such a ridiculous move by MI6. This story is likely to run and run.

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  1. The lists in question no doubt contained "some" names belonging to genuine Mi6 officers so at the time of publication they had to be denied as being fictitious in order to facilitate damage control. Now at this late date Mi6 can claim the entire list(s) was genuine in order to go after the parties who published them. Actually an astute counter-intelligence move as now nobody would believe they could actually admit to the veracity of the lists. But if anyone does take their claims at face value then they must also have to believe that all of the people on the list are either tainted, turned, dead, reassigned, or of no importance They, (Mi6), have of course, long ago I am sure, already gone through damage control and provided the real operatives with new identities and assignments. Or "someone" is still active and is under deep cover and that was the only way to contact him and secure the information that he was stockpiling for them.