05 May 2006

Richard Tomlinson's blog

The ex MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson has started his own blog here. Readers of my blog will know what a useful friend Richard was to me in trying to highlight the distortions MI5 had circulated about the importance of the documentation involved in my case.

It appears that Richard will be exposing some of the things that happened to him in the past, and to continue the unfolding story of his life, as there is still plenty of new material ahead, as can be seen from the posts on his blog. Here is his first post:

I wish blogging was invented years ago....

Well here we go, my first blog. I wish blogging had been invented years ago - it would have saved me a lot of aggro and a lot of money in legal fees! I've been involved in a long running battle since April 25th 1996 with my former employees - MI6 (British Secret Intelligence Service). I'll post a lot more about this battle in due course. But suffice to say that MI6 relied on their considerable budget (from the tax payer) and lots of threats, writs and pompous claims that I was a "danger to national security" in order to silence and discredit me. They even managed to imprison me for a while.

In order to keep me quiet and bash me around so much, they relied on the fact that a little guy like me did not have the financial means to fight back against their injunctions and legal assaults against me. But with a blog, I'm newly empowered - and how I wish I had know about them years ago.

It is a shame that I am beginning this blog eleven years late, as it will not form a timeline of my thoughts and actions, and their bizarre vendetta against me. But I will be posting old material here in due course, though it may take a bit of patience to understand the relevance.

Anyway, let the game begin....


  1. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Martin Ingram Aka Ian Hurst is a liar.[Soldier of Fortune.Mercenary.Only interested in making money.He is a con-man who will sell his lies to anyone who will pay for them ]
    The person who calls himself Martin ingram but is in fact ex Int Corps SSgt Ian Hurst (known as rocky) is a liar of the highest order. His book STEAKNIFE is almost complete fiction, as are his assertions that Martin McGUINNESS was an agent of the state. He is dementedly lying completely about his past service in FRU. He only ever served in sleepy backwaters of the Province and never came face to face with anyone except low level eyes and ears agents. He never ran STEAKNIFE or even met him. In short, his book is a complete fabrication based on god knows what. He endangers the lives of serving and former soldiers as well as civilians with his ridiculous fairy tales. Hopefully he will appear in court at some of the current inquiries and investigations so he can be shown to be the liar he really is.

    This message comes from http://jackgrantham.blogspot.com/

  2. Mr. Tomlinson, in The Big Breach you describe Vauxhall Cross's entrance as having a numbers pad and a card swipe beside it. I walked around Vauxhall myself (just curious) and did not see that entrance. Where is the entrance you would usually take?

  3. Sorry Julie, this is not Richard Tomlinson's blog, I merely directed people to it. Richard's blog has changed address a couple of times, but can now be found at the address below:


    Give him a call there.