06 May 2006

New article published on JAR2

The JAR2 website is first to publish a new article I have written to summarise my case - read it here.

One of the difficulties I have had, in explaining what happened to me, is that the Criminal Prosecution Service, the Ministry of Defence, and the Police all turned the evidence into a mass of complications. Whether they were trying to confuse the jury, or to disguise the fact there were no secrets involved in my case, I am not sure.

One of the points made by Stella Rimington, was that in intelligence work it is like a jigsaw puzzle, with the intelligence services trying to find one small piece to complete the bigger picture. In many ways my trial seemed like they had mixed up all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to present a fictitious story about my life, as in the prosecution argument that an innocent map of Oporto was evidence of a KGB training mission - that lie by MI5 annoys me to this day.

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