24 January 2012

Tim Summers on Political Repression and Revolutionary, Democratic Eco-Socialism

Tim Summers has given an interview to the Voice of Russia radio station. In this interview, with John Robles, Tim discussed the growth of political repression in the UK and the USA, and the authorities' attacks on protests such as the Occupy Movement at St Paul's Cathedral and the anti-war camp at Parliament Square in London. The erosion of civil liberties must be fought with the demand for a more democratic system, according to Tim, and this should be based on the principle of Eco-Socialism.

Tim has fought for many years as a member of the Green Party, and he works tirelessly for a democratic system that will protect the ecology of the Earth. He is optimistic that the spontaneous upsurge of protest movements around the world is awakening the need for a truly democratic system, in order to be able to oppose the destructive war intentions of countries such as the USA and the UK.

Tim has a website: Red Green Revolution.